Winter Solstice Blessings


Happy Winter Solstice!
December 21, 11:11am CST

We’ve once again reached that darkest day of the year, when the Sun is as low in the sky as he gets (in the northern hemisphere), and we begin a new cycle. Zero degrees Capricorn (the Winter Solstice point) has resonance with the dark of the New Moon. It’s a time to step outside of time to reflect on the year that’s gone by, and to focus on the goals of the year ahead.

On this shortest day and longest night, the feminine mystery is in her power. What seeds are you planting in the dark? What small light do you choose to spark? What sacred song can you sing now to start this new journey toward the light?

We are navigating a time of unprecedented change, inside and out. Outmoded definitions of material power are now changing (“now” being the decade that started around ’07), and the conscious, decisive actions for change we take in the next six months are loaded with potential.

Drastic changes on many levels in many lives will continue through the course of this year, whatever we do. Community coherence and faith in humanity are going to be important keys, but working together will be impossible until we take responsibility for ourselves (and I’m not talking about making ends meet).

Here are a few significant ingredients of our Solstice chart that drop hints about our new year:

Venus is Stationary in Capricorn

Venus, planet of love and beauty (and money), is going retrograde in Capricorn: the domain of material power and control. Venus goes retrograde once every two years (less than any other planet), and while she’s in the process of changing direction, she has great power. Examine your hangups about money, security, and your conditionings about what you “ought to” value. What Christmas ghosts are visiting you to rattle the bones of gross materialism in your world? What are you learning about the role of material power and security in your human relations? What new definitions of “value” are growing for you? Remember, value is a verb as well.

The Moon in Leo is at a potent Midpoint

The Leo Moon in this chart is at the midpoint of Mercury and Uranus (two octaves of one energy: rational, objective insights and connections) and also at the midpoint of Venus and Neptune (again, two octaves of similar energy: intuitive, spiritual insights and connections).

The Moon in Leo has an emotional need to be a creative center of attention. All four of the planets that are in the midpoint formation with the Moon are currently dropping hints about the importance of “doing your own thing,” and being a CREATOR rather than a CONSUMER. Mercury in Sag likes to follow his own far-flung (sometimes crackpot) adventures with mythology and higher meanings. Venus stationary in Cap is questioning her ability to take care of her own physical well-being. Uranus in Aries is getting pissed about all that needs to change, and spurring us to aggressively play our independent, original roles. Neptune in Pisces… well… I guess that’s more of a unifying influence, but the path to realizing its compassionate, harmonious gifts is through contemplation, and union with the divine inside, and not through addiction to harmful collective trances outside (by playing victim).

This Leo Moon asks: What creative performance peaces are you dreaming up for this year? What messages are you going to get onto a stage and share? What is your rock star mission? Please honor your original calling, and dare to get moving on it, ’cause we’re all screwed if you don’t!

–Public Service Announcement: Go see a gifted astrologer! They can help!–

Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries
(at the midpoint of Sun and Jupiter)

Again, we have another message about “doing your own thing,” but this time, peacemaking and compromise are central components. Mars is in its detriment in Libra, and here, the outspoken warrior needs to shut up so consensus can be reached on important decisions. Have you ever been a part of a group where the most powerful, outspoken and opinionated members are also the dumbest? It’s a problem in a lot of places. Peace-making is the intention of this configuration, but it’s bound to be an uncomfortable procedure all over the place.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is Coming!

We are coming up on the most explosive part of the Uranus-Pluto square now (the dance that’s collapsed the economy and sparked revolutionary uprisings around the world). Jupiter and Mars will be completing a Cardinal Grand Cross with Uranus and Pluto (roughly on Jan. 1st, exactly on Apr. 22nd).

Corporations are still people. Income inequality is growing. Climate change is getting crazier (and some are still in denial, buying into the lies that human activity has nothing to do with it). Many still think Obama is on the people’s side…

Are the energies of these big changes primarily destructive or creative? Are we just on a divided, sinking ship with no hope for a peaceful, sustainable future? What revolutionary actions are you taking in your life? How are you making real differences that matter with your actions?

Make a difference, or die!
(sorry, a little dark humor just seems appropriate for this darkest day of the year)

Adam Wolter


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