Full Moon in Gemini


Full Moon in Gemini 25Gem26
December 17th, 3:28am

This Full Moon in Gemini highlights the adventures of Mercury, our communicative friend who is currently “out-of-bounds” in Sagittarius. When planets are “out-of-bounds” (higher or lower than the Sun ever goes) they tend to do their own thing. Mercury in Sag likes to talk and talk about larger-than-life visions of healing the whole world, and preaching about being “one tribe,” but is sometimes just full of hot air.

This Moon is shedding light on burnt-out ideologies from politicians, preachers, and professors, and any dogma that’s keeping you from doing your own magical thing. As a wise dancing man once proclaimed: “Too much talkin’, not enough rockin.'” Make a choice now to empower your daring visions of change (which aren’t the visions some guru gave you) with your decisions and actions. Decide to follow your own path, and to seek out new vistas of perception, but let go of the need for others to agree with your perspective for a little while.

The higher octave of Mercury, revolutionary Uranus, is now stationary in Aries, getting ready to resume forward motion. When a planet stands still, it gains strength. When it moves direct, it finds external expression. Uranus in Aries is the fire behind Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring. Angry, youthful cries for freedom and change  are going to be getting louder with Uranus direct in Aries, and daring new innovations and untried approaches on many frontiers will find expression. What sparks are flying for you? The times they are a changin, and you’d best be doing that too.

Mars moved into Libra on December 7th, and will remain in that sign until July 25th, 2014, as he’ll be doing a little retrograde dance there (and making three oppositions with Uranus, the first on Christmas Day!) Mars is the planet of aggressive self-willed action, the get-up-and go that helps us to get whatever it is we’re going for. Libra is the sign of peace-making, diplomacy, and putting others’ needs first. Mars is in its “detriment” in Libra (as it rules Aries, the opposite sign).

Here, the warrior turns his attention to confronting blame and frustration that’s hiding below the surface in various social transactions, and working it out. Mars in Libra needs to fight for what’s fair, but can get a bit confused in Libra. Mars wants to pick a side, but Libra is about getting both teams to win. Thankfully (in one way), Uranus’ opposition guarantees that we will have many opportunities to get our feathers righteously ruffled. Some productive peace is going to come out of this long journey, but the next seven months are looking like a pretty bumpy ride. Be the peace with your empowered actions, and make compassion your first weapon of choice.

Now quit reading so many self-help books, and boldly go where no one has gone before!

Cheers, Adam Wolter
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