Adam’s (latest) Amazing Aspectarian

Adam’s Amazing Aspectarian 12/2/13 – 3/1/14

Hello Astro-Fans,

Here’s a compact tool with helpful data that can help you to become a better astrologer and a better human being.

Download your own “Pocket Aspectarian” and imbibe in cosmic delight: AdamsAmazingAspectarian12.13

It’s composed of three months of useful astro data that fit onto a single page, can be conveniently folded in 4 and awkwardly slipped into your pocket.

This cosmically-attuned piece of paper contains info on the timings of the 8 phases of the Sun-Moon “Lunation Cycle,” void-of-course Moon and ingress data, and timings of planetary aspects, direction changes, and sign ingresses.

All times are Central Standard. If you’d like a Pocket Aspectarian that’s appropriately adjusted for your time zone, please send me a personal email with your request, and I can probably make it happen for you:

Cheers- Adam

P.S. Useful link on the 8 phases of the: Lunation Cycle
A great article with some tips on: What to do during the void-of-course Moon times


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