New Moon in Sagittarius

SagNewMoonNew Moon in Sagittarius 10Sag59
Monday, December 2, 6:22pm CST

The New Moon in Sagittarius turns our attention to the magnanimous ruler of this outgoing, fiery sign: Jupiter. Jupiter is currently retrograde in Cancer, and will soon be scooting back into position to re-ignite a T-square with Uranus and Pluto. This structure is the biggest mover and shaker that we’ve had in our skies in quite some time (first pass was in August 2013, and the finale will get to swinging in January and keep cooking through May, 2014).

Jupiter in Cancer is asking us to focus on and to grow our concepts of “spiritual family” (just in time for the holidays![sic]). What “teams” are you a part of that explore idealistic visions of connection to the larger world, and the “human family”? Are you involved in a spiritual organization? A men’s or women’s circle? A political project?

This New Moon is a wonderful time to focus on your desires for more meaningful community connections in your life (and to make plans with creatures who are exploring new frontiers together). The seeds we choose to plant, and the visions we choose to empower with this New Moon can help make the crazy changes that are coming in the first half of 2014 more harmonious ones. Think “long-range” with your intentions now, and fuel the fires of the productive “teams” you’re on.

Ordinarily, I make a Wish List at the time of each New Moon, hide it from myself, and don’t peek until after the Full Moon. Big wishes are definitely appropriate to empower during this charged window, but I’d suggest keeping your big intentions in plain sight all month long. The chart of this New Moon has no Air in it, and the details of your intentions might need some rearrangings as the month unfolds.

Venus in Capricorn is crawling along now, and will be standing still to turn retrograde on this Winter Solstice. Her current opposition to Jupiter is asking us all to question our relationships to consumer culture and the collective delusion of money=power. The visions you see in our media (did you notice the new Pope’s commentary?!) can offer insights into the next chapter of our “free market,” and how you might play a more empowered role in weaving new systems of deeper value and meaningful connection (and maybe not get crushed, to boot!)

There are some structures that are tumbling down now in many lives. Let’s see what big dark secrets around money and power come to light this month. Welcome the light into the dark crevices of your material desires, and find acceptance for any secret inadequacies that are eating you up from the inside out. Let go of the limiting definitions you’ve attached to the concept of material security. You’ve come here to share more of you, and your worth is immutable. Decide to share your gifts more flamboyantly, and welcome more of your highest vision into the dance of this moonth.

Blessed New Moonings,
Adam Wolter


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