New Moon (Eclipse! ) in Scorpio


Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 11Sco15
November 3rd, 2013 6:50am CST

Scorpio is a water sign, and as such it is a fertile place to plant New Moon intentions. The seeds we plant with a Solar Eclipse can affect our lives on many levels. What seeds are you planting now? Everything you do between 6:50am and 10:23pm CST on Sunday can be supercharged with the magic of conscious intention, if you so wish.

Scorpio is the daring sign where the naturally comfort-seeking Moon is in her fall. We’re liable to see some more detrimental expressions of this emotional water sign’s potentials unless we shine some light on them. Acknowledge age-old  fears, inadequacies, jealousies, or blame that are hiding in your psyche.  Invite them to come out of the closet this month: crappy feelings are people too! (or something like that). Appreciate their gifts, invoke forgiveness, and decide what feelings you’d like to express in their stead.

This Eclipse is aligned with both Saturn and retrograde Mercury in Scorpio (more about Mercury’s current adventure in my Lunar Eclipse in Aries article), adding even more determined digging to the story. Scorpio’s magic is about deep honesty, intimacy, and power-sharing. Dig into the tough stuff that needs to change in your relationships and business contracts, but please add a heaping helping of patience.

Question your desires this moonth. What do you think you are missing? What archaic self-definitions are you still hanging onto for dear life? What does “wealth” mean in your cosmology? Is comfort (or money) a priority that is keeping you from daring to make important changes? Decide to put first things first this month.

Generate insights on the practical steps you can take to transform outmoded distributions of power and wealth in your world (how can you express yourself more effectively?). Some nitty-gritty details of what needs to change will come to light this month. Please invite them now.
Enjoy the trip- Adam Wolter


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