Lunar Eclipse in Aries


Lunar Eclipse in Aries
October 18, 2013 6:38pm CDT

This Full Moon in Aries is the first of 6 eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis that will occur between now and March of 2016. These Cardinal signs get balls rolling, and unpredictable challenges and novel developments on our “swiftly tilting” planet will probably get to moving even faster over the next couple years. The Uranus-Pluto (both in Cardinal signs) square is just about to make its fourth pass of seven on November 1st, and we are now in the heart of the beast. Please grab the reins of your original evolutionary adventure, and buckle your safety belt (wouldn’t that be nice?) as this exciting ride gets more exciting.

The chart of this event includes a few messages that share a similar theme:

Injustice will rule this world if you don’t stand up, speak your truth, and engage the arguments that matter.

  • This eclipse occurs within just a few degrees of dwarf planet Eris in Aries.

Eris was the body discovered in 2005 that is larger than Pluto, and is the reason Pluto was “demoted” to a dwarf planet. Eris takes 560 years to orbit the Sun (she’s waayy out there), and her energies are still a bit of a mystery. We should be learning a little bit more about her this year (especially over the next two weeks) thanks to the spark of this eclipse.

From what I’ve observed so far, Eris’ energetic theme centers around exposing uncomfortable truths, and looking at tough material that sparks loaded arguments.

  • Mercury is almost standing still in Scorpio

Mercury will be going retrograde October 21st, to revisit his loaded conjunction with authoritative Saturn in Scorpio (3 passes: Oct. 8, Oct. 29, Nov. 25). Mercury’s lengthy stay in Scorpio is about deep digging and shadow facing. The next month is a wonderful time to sit down with an empowering mentor or therapist who can help you uproot old blocks that are still in your way (hint, hint).

Challenging issues regarding shared finances, sexuality, and complicated power dynamics are all liable to come up this month. “Shamanic journeys” around finding your true power, and supporting others in owning theirs are in order now.

  • Mercury is in Scorpio (Mars’ turf) and Mars is in Virgo (Mercury’s turf), and Uranus is at their midpoint, biquintile to each

The communicator (Mercury) and the warrior (Mars) are in “mutual reception” and are both forming creative connections with the technologically savvy revolutionary (Uranus) whose calls for radical change are getting more boisterous (Aries).

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be on the internet. Network, network, network, and share media that matters. Many people shy away from sharing opinions that might push some buttons. Please risk pushing them now. Holding your tongue can do more damage than you might realize.

  • Mars in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces

Mars in Virgo knows what he’s talking about. He knows where he’s going, and he’s clear about what he’s going to do to get there. Neptune in Pisces doesn’t have a destination, and doesn’t want one. When these two planets go head-to-head, some confusing results can transpire. Ridiculous arguments are likely. Frustration and anger might come up for no good reason. Misplaced blame can be averted by taking responsibility for your feelings (Note: controlled substances REALLY won’t help you to do that now).

Full Moons (and especially eclipses!) are wonderful times for letting go.

Let go of your tightly help opinions, and release your assured destinations. Let go of old wounds around standing up and speaking your original truth that you still nurse. Let a cloud of faithful unknowing cradle your sacred connections, and don’t take the miscommunications so personally.

Cheers- Adam Wolter


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