New Moon in Libra

SFPageNew Moon in Libra
October 4, 2013 7:34pm CDT

Libra is the sign of peaceful negotiations and tactful diplomacy, but the spark of this New Moon is lighting the fuse of a month that isn’t likely to be so very tranquil.

The New Moon in Libra is traditionally a time to make wishes for more rewarding romantic relations and better business partnerships. Those are still great territories to focus on now, but this particular Libra New Moon has a bit of a different spin to it.

We’re heading into the heart of the Uranus-Pluto square that is turning our world’s established structures upside down (4th pass of 7 (2012-2015) will be exact November 1st (2 days before a Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio!)) and this Moon is lined right up with it.

Our current New Moon completes a T-square formation with Uranus and Pluto, and cranks up the volume on unpredictable changes, structural instability, and transformational awakenings. The Moon is opposite to Uranus, the rabble-rousing revolutionary. While Libra usually asks for peace, this Moon seems to be calling for a revolution. Cry out about what isn’t fair in your world, get pissed about it (optional), and use that indignation to fecundate more and better discussions about the things you’d like to change.

This month, wish for more rebellious, challenging connections in your life. Wish for conversations that dare you to explore new terrains of discussion, incite new visions, and more effective actions.

Mercury entered Scorpio on September 29th, and will remain there until December 4th thanks to an upcoming retrograde cycle that will include three conjunctions with Saturn. In Scorpio, Mercury’s usual innocent curiosity and cleverness can get stuck in deep-seated opinions and expressing un-debatable demands and statements of determined purpose. We’ve got some serious material to talk about now. Decide to spend some good time finding the right words this month, but also notice where you’re digging your heels in a little too hard.

Give thanks for friends and acquaintances who push your buttons and challenge you to look at important issues that are tough to deal with, both inside and out. Invite more rabble-rousers into your experience. Deep, difficult truths are bubbling up this month to be transformed with the help of discussion.

Mercury’s time in Scorpio will also be an opportunity to repay and to forgive old debts- financial and/or emotional. Who have you forgiven recently? Who do you still need to apologize to? Who do you love, admire and support? How can you support them more effectively?

Welcome a heaping helping of deep respect to your path now. This is a scary time for many creatures. Admit to your own deep fears that come to the surface. Invite deeper intimacy by witnessing deeper truth, and finding deeper acceptance. Bid adieu to small talk for a bit. Irrational rationalizations can kill you if you use them to run from yourself.

Happy Moltings!- Adam Wolter


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