“Happy” Equinox!

FallEquinox“Fall” Equinox
September 22, 3:44pm CDT

“There is enough to go around. Lack of the will to share is the problem, not lack of the stuff to share.” -Neale Donald Walsch

In the northern hemisphere, we are entering the glorious season of Fall, and goodness knows, our empire is falling.  (I wouldn’t say it in such a snarky way if the chart wasn’t centered around this story!)

Ordinarily, the Fall Equinox is the second celebration of the harvest (Mabon), a time when we reap the fruits of many of the seeds we sowed at Winter Solstice. (What were you planting during that shift that so many had been anticipating for years?)

This particular Equinox has some “heftier-than-usual” vibrations that might make the harvest a little bit harder to celebrate immediately:

The Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Taurus- both signs are Venus’ turf, so what Venus has to say in this chart is of the utmost importance.

  • Venus is in Scorpio (sign of her “detriment”), conjunct the North Node of the Moon (unfamiliar waters to be explored) and Saturn (the cold hard wall of reality)

To describe the essence of Venus’ current position in ten words, it might go something like this:


What do you truly desire? More money? A better car? A bigger house? I call bullshit! Come up with some better desires, please! What could you choose to desire that could help someone other than yourself? What meaningful impact can you make with your conscious participation?

(NSFW interjection: Very naughty comedian Lee Camp with relevant observations)

Money as we know it is a crime. There is more debt owed to banks than there is money to repay it (throw the conspiracy aspects of the situation out, and you still find the fact that this is how it works). It doesn’t have to work this way (and goodness knows it won’t in the long run).

What debts and doubts are keeping you on a treadmill of ineffective relationship to your sacred life story? What aspects of ridiculously unsustainable consumerist culture are you still playing bitch to?

  • Venus (and N.Node and Saturn) are making a T-square with the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Leo

This structure puts an exclamation point on the last few paragraphs, but it also hints at a very important aspect of the solution to our larger structural and financial double binds. This T-square would be a Grand Cross if a planet were in Aquarius to complete it, so Aquarius expresses an important antidote to the challenges indicated. Aquarius is a social sign that is all about networking, and creating a better future using input from many angles.

If we were to take this chart as a predictive tool for the quarter ahead, we could say that there might be some major structural breakdown in our money system (although there are already has been), forcing people to work together and come up with some sweeping solutions to some very fundamental problems that look pretty intractable.

(Note: Neale Donald Walsch is spearheading one effort: The Global Conversation)

Talking to strangers (and turning them into co-creative allies) is an essential way to find solutions now.

  • Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) just went direct in Capricorn, square to Uranus

The fourth hit of seven (2012-2015) of this Earth-shaking square will be exact on Nov 1, 2013. It’s a little ways away, but oh boy, is it ever palpable right now (thanks to Pluto’s station). This is a “change or die” kind of energy that is adding another exclamation point to my transformational statements thus far.

Our final, beautiful and wonderful aspect to discuss:

  • Mercury in Libra is square to Jupiter in Cancer

This dynamic aspect is about opening up new lines of connection and communication, and building new alliances that will have lasting effects (again: talk to strangers! Please!)

Libra is a sign that loves peace-making, diplomatic negotiations, and effective partnerships, so this aspect fits very well with the traditionally peace-inducing influence that the Fall Equinox brings.

Take some time to empower the partnerships and networks that are functioning and growing in your life at this time. Reflect back on the last nine months: What has grown? What has changed? Who do you need to call or write? Get to it! There’s a lot of work to do.

Give thanks for all of your experiences on this weird weird journey.

Peace! -Adam Wolter



Some additional and very relevant media for you:

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