New Moon in Virgo


New Moon in Virgo

Sept. 5, 2013 6:36am CDT

The chart of this moonth’s new beginning has some potentially fussy flavorings to it.

Virgo is the sign of perfectionism: getting your ducks in a row, scolding the living heck out of them until they’re there, and then, once they’re waddling single file, finding something else to correct (take it easy on your ducks, people!)

“Attention to detail!” is a productive battle cry at the beginning of this new cycle.

In Virgo, we separate the wheat from the chaff. The summer has come to a close, and harvest season is now in full swing. It’s time to sharpen your blades (your decisive intellect), and to prioritize your many tasks.

What big decisions are before you now? What projects are coming to a close, and what endeavors do you need to focus more of your energy on? Where in your life would you like to show up above and beyond the call of duty?

This New Moon is opposite to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron highlights our perceived shortcomings, and often guides us into the gifts of our own suffering (here’s a great piece on The Upside of Chiron by Jessica Shepherd)

This New Moon provides a great altar on which to place the painful gifts you don’t understand yet: any stuff that feels unfairly stuck and stagnant, any old wounds where you’ve decided (and/or hidden) a belief that maybe you are just broken in some way.

Decide today to initiate some practical baby steps that might, in the long run (Virgo requires patience, although energies here rarely function with it), show you the gold that is buried in your adventures with these perceived shortcomings.

Mercury, the nit-picky ruler of Virgo, is currently in his earthy, practical home, at the midpoint of aggressively self-centered Mars in Leo, and intensely judgmental Saturn in Scorpio. I don’t usually talk about these two planets in such negative ways, but wow, this energy isn’t joking. The pair are currently square, and that square is aspecting the Uranus-Pluto square, so the energies are very volatile.

What you choose to do with these potentially very cranky energies is pivotal.

Directing your attention to the tasks that really matter is an important test this month: Will you separate the wheat from the chaff, and do the hard work of focusing on priorities you believe in, or will you play victim to circumstances that are out of your hands?

Mercury is also at the midpoint of Uranus and Neptune with this Moon, unveiling a secret to making wonderful choices work now. Infuse your New Moon choices with your original perceptions of 1. Spiritual significance (Neptune- get cheesy with it!) and 2. Revolutionary spark (Uranus- try something different!)

What are the big changes you’re dancing with now? What are the little choices that might help you make those larger ones?

Put your back into answering the difficult questions and doing the challenging work that you perceive as important now. Helpers are waiting in the wings if you get started now.

Cheers- Adam Wolter

P.S. New Moon Wishing instructions (although I think New Moon Choices might be a little more appropriate this moonth)


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