Happy “Blue Moon” in Aquarius


This month’s grand illumination happens to be the second Full Moon in Aquarius. Two Full Moons happen in the same sign once every ~2.5 years, and this rare occurrence offers an invitation to pay some special attention to the energies highlighted.

Aquarius is the home of that revolutionary genius and technological and social innovator: Uranus. What is the story of the genius rebel that’s been coming to light in your life over the course of the last month? Where are Uranus and Aquarius located in your natal chart? Where would you do well to reach out and make more fulfilling connections with more creatures?

Our Full Moon is right (about) at the midpoint of the Uranus-Pluto square, illuminating dynamic, crazy shifts that are moving at lightning speeds in this exciting time.

Uranus is currently dancing a very dramatic dance (the “T-Square”) with Pluto (the deep digger and shadow-facing power fiend) and Jupiter (the team-spirit/sacred lessons in the big picture perspective-izer).

This formation is a change accelerator (first hit Aug 7, 2013, final hit April 20, 2014) that is amping up the transformational status quo-challenging energies that the Occupy Movement is the poster child for. The “good” or “bad” of these accelerated changes is really up to us.

It’s a wonderful time to look at your social media (Aquarius) usage, and to consider how effective your uses of it are. Are you connecting with and getting co-creative with the creatures you want to work and play with, or are you farting your life away as a consumer of useless cleverness and escapism? Are you helping to create a world that is thriving with your online involvement or are you isolating and denying personal responsibility?

I recently watched a little animated piece that had some very inspiring perspectives on how we might use the internet more effectively (and it illustrates an important linkage to the 60s- the last time Uranus and Pluto came together so powerfully):

Coalition of the Willing: Waging an Open Source War on Global Warming

I was also recently led to another link that blew my mind, and got me pretty excited about the blossomings of more performance art in the revolutionary actions that are unfolding. There are many strategies for inciting change that are beautiful and wonderful, and you can get some great ideas here: Beautiful Trouble

Another wonderful application of the energies of this Full Moon would be to reach out to a competent astrologer (Aquarius) and schedule an empowering consultation (hint, hint)

Venus is now in Libra (her happy home), and will soon be forming a Grand Cross (Aug 23-27) with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

Reach out and connect with the individuals and organizations you want to get co-creative with. Your efforts will mean so much over the course of the next couple weeks.

Get grateful for all the crazy changes in your world, and keep going!

Cheers- Adam Wolter


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