New Moon in Leo


New Moon in Leo

August 6, 4:50pm CDT

The pulse of this New Moon in Leo is a pretty lively one. Bold new beginnings are indicated, so get adventurous with them!

Leo is the sign of self-confident performance and creativity, and the domain of the Sun’s proud rulership. Use this New Moon to invite every ounce of joyful performance chutzpah and brave creator mojo you’ve ever known into one place at one time. Don’t write your New Moon Wishes this month. Rather, dance, sing, and paint them (oh, I suppose you oughta write them, too). The magic is burning bright now, and it’s an important time to welcome more of your original wonderful self onto center stage through direct, creative action.

Empower the sacred flame of your heart on this New Moon by knowing that your heart and the Sun’s heart are one.

This union of our two luminaries occurs only 10.5 hours prior to “true” Lughnasadh – the powerful gate at the halfway point between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox (15Leo00), and the kickoff of harvest season in the northern hemisphere. Look into your heart at this time and give thanks for the fruits that are ripening on the vine of your life. What bold plans are ready for the plucking now? There’s a lot of work left to do. Celebrate the tasks you have completed, and those that lie before you. Invite clarity about the direct actions that need your fuel now.

This New Moon is trine to Uranus in Aries, sending a supportive pulse into the first pass of a globe-changing T-Square that will be prominent through April 2014:

Jupiter in Cancer is opposite to Pluto in Capricorn (exact 8/7/13) and square to Uranus in Aries (exact 8/21/13) this month, sparking more revolutionary calls for change with an upsurge of community togetherness, and grassroots education and action.

The Uranus-Pluto square (7 hits 2012-15) is the biggest r/evolutionary spark that has hit our planet in quite some time. Jupiter’s addition is guaranteed to amplify the influence of these two and also to add a bit of an optimistic spin and some community-empowering altruism to their world-shifting dance.

Keep your eye out for, and share the good word on, more effective uprisings of everyday people everywhere. Notice the class, religious, national and race barriers that are being questioned and updated.

The addition of Jupiter to this T-Square will also be cranking up the volume on chaotic, unpredictable upheaval of all sorts. The stock market will probably be way up for some and way down for others, earthquakes might be plentiful, weather patterns could be crazier than ever, rebel military actions might occur…

Some stable structures we’ve trusted in the past might come crashing down this month, but remember: crazy big changes can be crazy good changes, too. Decide to be an empowered co-creator with your interpretations of the events that unfold over the course of this potentially very wild month.

A new world is dawning, and it’s going to be more interesting than anyone could have ever guessed.

Please do your best to make that “interesting” part of it be a good thing.

Happy Co-Creatorings! -Adam Wolter


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