Pondering our current “Grand Sextile”


The Moon has entered Taurus- cozy sign of her exaltation, and the “Grand Sextile” has begun!

The web has been abuzz for a few days about this very brief but potentially powerful formation.

I’ve been subjected to an OD of pie-in-the-sky perspectives, and I wrote a little response for a friend who wanted my two cents:

Well, Monday should definitely be an interesting day. I’m glad that so many creatures are paying attention to this rare lineup, and that some are planning to get consciously co-creative with it, but I must admit that I’m not anticipating the clouds parting for a global healing shift.

Stars of David (“Grand Sextiles”) contain 3 oppositions, and cathartic confrontations and challenges that require us to make significant decisions are part of em. This is a great day for getting clear about the big decisions that you have recently made or are in the process of making. (Note: The Universe won’t make them for you)

The global transformations of these times are just getting rolling (August is going to be getting crazier- people coming together in all kinds of wonderful r/evolutionary ways, stuff hitting the fan in all kinds of crazy (maybe wonderful?) ways…)

I see this Star of David as a time to invite more love from above onto our paths, to greet the mysterious initiations of our lives with even more gratitude, and to resolve to work tirelessly for the good of all. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

My personal experience with a Star of David initiation was a car wreck that left me with a brain injury and two fractured vertebrae (some cracks that let some wonderful light in). I’m hoping this one will be a little gentler and more fun for all involved…

Bless- Adam Wolter


One Response to “Pondering our current “Grand Sextile””

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