Full Moon (mostly) in Aquarius

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

July 22nd, 2013  1:15pm CDT


This Full Moon occurred right on a very significant cusp- the Cancer-Leo/Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. Please be prepared for a whole lot of magic that is going to get cooking this month.

Full Moons are traditionally times designed to give thanks for all that is blossoming, and to release all that we are done with.

This Full Moon, however, is illuminating more of a dynamic kickoff, with four important new beginnings:

1.-It’s the first of two consecutive Full Moons in Aquarius! (an “Astrological Blue Moon” which occurs once every ~2.5 years)

It’s time to illuminate and empower (Full Moon) our capacity to embrace more effective experiences of “extended family,” and to get to work on efforts that will really make a difference for the future of our people (Aquarius)

2.-Mercury has gone direct, and is finally moving again!

The technological, time-oriented details and connections on your path should now start to gel more smoothly again, and projects that have been on hold are going to be moving very quickly over the course of the next few weeks. Give thanks for the deep internal insights that you found during this last period of Mercury retrograde (6/26-7/20) and put those good ideas into practice now.

3.-The Sun has entered Leo, sign of his rulership!

Yay! I was born with the Sun in Cancer, but every time that big ball of life heads through Leo, I am delighted to breathe in more of those fumes he off-gasses in his creative quests for more exciting experiences of being God-in-the-flesh (Yup- that’s basically the audacious wisdom that Leo is cookin with)

It’s that time of year when we are all invited to experience a little more stardom, and to treat the adventures of our lives with a little bit more ridiculous stage presence and playful abandon.

(Note: The Moon’s double fullness in Aquarius is emphasizing a spirit of come-togetherness, and all experiments in embodying more daring originalness during the course of this month (some restrictions may apply) will help more beautiful creatures come out of their closets to share the original goodness they have come here to share)

4.-Venus has entered Virgo, the sign of her “fall”

The Goddess of sensual delight can feel a bit held back in the sign of OCD effectiveness, but she can also come down to Earth and take care of business in some very delicious ways. Find delight in the details. Virgo’s wisdom is about service to others. Who are the lights in your life? How can you support them to come out of the closet with their wonderful sharings?


The chart of this Full Moon also contains a three very dynamic, powerful structures that promise a very interesting couple of weeks.

1.- Mars just passed his conjunction with Jupiter (the largest planet) in Cancer, completing a Grand Trine in the Water signs with Saturn and Neptune (the other two largest planets of the solar system!)

Grand Trines can be very harmonious formations, but this one in  the water signs (our unconscious, emotional territory) so far seems to have sparked the illumination of some twisted old trances that are still running the show in way too many places (see: George Zimmerman verdict, twisted abortion bills…) Venus in Virgo will be forming a beautiful kite with this Grand Trine 7/26-31, and we will be seeing more healing questions take root in more appropriate places.

2.- This Full Moon is square to the planet Saturn (the “lord of karma”) in Scorpio (sign of shadow-facing and transformation) indicating some shifts regarding changes in the “good-old-boy” power structures that are still functioning inside of us (and consequently getting projected out onto the screen of the collective-Please do your deep diggings!)

3.- Mercury in Cancer is setting off a T-square with Uranus and Pluto, offering a little preface to our upcoming explosions of community resilience, rebellion, and reactive resistance that will be coming to front pages now through the end of August, as Mars and then Jupiter trace over this same position, and incite more calls for more change!

Please get off your butt (or sit down on your butt, if you’re not yet meditating and/or praying plentifully) to help these changes be good ones.

Happy illuminatings

Cheers- Adam


P.S. I’ve got a deal cooking for you. I’ve decided to offer my standard readings for $60 instead of $90 for the duration our Astrological Blue Moon month (7/22/13 – 8/20/13). This is a powerful window, and I’m excited to empower more light-bringers with my empowering work during this pivotal time.



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