Adam’s Pocket Aspectarian (for most of July and August ’13)

In honor of Mercury’s retrograde, I have decided to resurrect a wonderful idea I had a couple years ago:

Adam’s own “Pocket Aspectarian”: AdamsAmazingAspectarian7.13

It’s composed of one-and-a-half months of useful astro data that fit onto a single page, can be folded in 4 and slipped into your pocket for convenience.

This cosmically-attuned piece of paper contains info on the timings of the 8 phases of the Sun-Moon “Lunation Cycle,” void-of-course Moon info, and timings of major planetary aspects and sign ingresses (notice the events of July 17, 19 and 20!)

My favorite part of this amazing tool (which unfortunately is only accurate in the Twin Cities (but send me a line and I can get you some data for your location)) is the rising sign info. Watch the flavors change as the 12 signs coast over the ascendant (and get to know the rulerships/exaltations of your zodiac

Adjust this magical astro play sheet’s info for your time zone, play with it a little bit, and let me know how you like my invention.

Cheers- Adam

P.S. Useful link on the 8 phases of the: Lunation Cycle
A great article with some tips on: What to do during the void-of-course Moon times


2 Responses to “Adam’s Pocket Aspectarian (for most of July and August ’13)”

  1. Adam Wolter Says:

    P.S. I left out the modern rulerships on that little “rulerships/exaltations” chart:
    Scorpio: Pluto
    Aquarius: Uranus
    Pisces: Neptune.

    Additional note: I give Chiron to Virgo, many say Sagittarius is his sign.

  2. Adam Wolter Says:

    P.P.S. You might have to click on Adam’s Amazing Aspectarian a few times to get a clear view of the PDF. (Mercury is quite a trickster!)

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