Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

4/25 12:56pm PDT

Full Moons are wonderful times to receive feedback about all sorts of situations, and to release whatever is no longer serving. This Full Moon (eclipse in Scorpio!) in particular is designed to help you to let go of any baggage you’re still hanging onto for no good reason, and to flush any old angers and judgments that aren’t helping you anymore.

Scorpio is an emotional sign of shadow-facing and truth-unearthing inquiry. It is the sign of the Moon’s fall: a place where the Moon’s comfy coziness shrinks away a bit, and her fears come out to chat.

What are you scared of now? What old fears and judgments are you still hanging onto?

This Full Moon is lined right up with an opposition between Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Taurus (exact 4/30). This opposition is scheduled to spark some eruptions in dicey interpersonal negotiations. Old angers and self-doubts (yours or others’) might come bubbling up in exchanges now. It’s a great time for cathartic emotional releases! (and also to take nothing personally). If you have cleaning and eliminating work to do, you’ll be letting go of a lot more than just the stuff.

Long-term committed partnerships (lovers, family, business…) are particularly important venues where helpful realizations are to be harvested with this Moon. How we share power and value are the central questions. What established relationships and contracts are sucking your will to live? What deep wonderful partnerships deserve more of your attention and love? The big changes that are called for will be making themselves clearer during this eclipse season (next 1.5 months).

Scorpio has two guises: a scorpion and an eagle.

The scorpion engages some more visceral, emotional questions, and decides what old skins need to be shed. The eagle emerges and flies with a vision once the desires are purified and made clear.

Old icky sticky judgments, restrictions, and angers are scheduled to come to the surface now, but if you can face and release them, your eagle is ready to fly.

The eagle of this eclipse is Venus!

She’s in Taurus (her happy home) and just became our harmonious evening star, which she will continue to be through December, 2013. Keep your eye out for her on the western horizon at sunset, and when you first glimpse her new light, send love and appreciation to the wonderful harmonious partnerships that are glowing all over in your world.

Big challenges (see love and money) are on the plate, but an irrepressible harmony is growing. What’s keeping you from dancing? Get out there!

Remember: the only currency is Love

Cheers- Adam Wolter



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