Full Moon in Libra


Full Moon in Libra

March 26, 2013 2:27am PDT

This is a rambunctious one.

Libra is the sign of peace and diplomacy, but the chart of this firey Full Moon tells a bit of a different story.

We’ve been navigating a very watery world for the past month-and-some, with many bodies traveling through murky, emotional, behind-the-scenes Pisces. Now three of them have entered explosive Aries, and this Full Moon is here to help ignite that new fire.

Aries is the emphasized pole of this Full Moon, as the Sun is aligned with Venus, Uranus, and Mars in the Cardinal Fire sign. As Mars is the leader of the pack (by degree and by rulership), this Full Moon is asking us to get moving or get frustrated. Physical exercise and unhesitating action are golden tickets to more effective co-creatings with these vibrations.

This Full Moon is forming a Cardinal T-Square that sets off our Uranus-Pluto square: the aspect that has been sparking revolutionary and evolutionary storms around our world for the last couple years. “Revolutionary (Uranus) Transformation (Pluto)” is the one-liner of this aspect, which is going to keep your reality model on its toes through 2015. Initiate any big changes you need to make, and know that more of them are inevitably on the way.

Jupiter is harmoniously aspecting our Full Moon, bringing optimistic encouragement and supportive community flavorings to these volatile energies. Jupiter in Gemini is now making its third and final pass of the tip of a very important Yod formation (This Finger of God is Pointing at You) that is asking us to tell better stories about the human race, and about the new tribes we are weaving.

The Sun is closely conjunct with relationship-savvy Venus (ruler of Libra), also emphasizing a “right relationship” theme. As Full Moons are good opportunities to release all that’s no longer serving, choose to let go of any blocks you have up to creating more peace in your partnerings.

Anger is likely to come up loudly in some important relationships over the next couple weeks as the Sun and Venus catch up with Mars. Decide now to let the steam off in situations that could be heating up.

Venus will soon be our evening star again. When you first notice her new bright light in the west, give thanks for all the peace that grows in your life. Give for all the creatures who have helped you to know harmony in your experiences.

May all beings be peaceful.

Happy Moonings

Cheers- Adam Wolter



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