Vernal Equinox 2013

Vernal Equinox

This chart can be used as kind of a “Solar Return” for the whole world that offers hints about important themes of this new year, and provides some co-creative fire to cook with. This event begins an especially wonderful week to work on projects that are especially important to you- what are you growing now? What significant tasks have you relinquished to the back burner for long enough?

Mercury is direct again (and so’s everyone but Saturn), it’s a first quarter waxing Moon (creative action time), and most of the planets are in dignity in one way or another. The messages of this chart are about forward motion and manifestation, and very (r)evolutionary quantum leaps are indicated.

We have two main centers of gravity in this chart:

1. T-Square centered in Aries:

This configuration is conjuring up infusions of individualistic inspiration, defiant bravery, and explosive calls for more freedom on more levels. The Sun has entered the sign of its exaltation, where it will soon join the ruler of this sign (Mars) who is now conjunct with rebellious Uranus. This stellium is ruffling a lot of feathers, and providing us with opportunities to get more productive with our anger rather than reactive. Uranus is the magician, and the “unboxable” impulse of your originalness. Invite new intelligence and daring self-expression to your path now. Ride your anger like the horsey it wants to be.

The opposition of emotional Moon in nurturing Cancer and Pluto in power-oriented Capricorn suggests that this is an important theme this year: Staying innocent and safe vs. Facing your shadows and daring to own more of your true power. What happened in your childhood is important, but hanging onto its stories will keep you stuck in the same old ruts. Flesh out your fears, and reclaim the power that you’ve given away.

This potent T-Square is a highlighter pen for the Uranus-Pluto square that’s part of it (2012-2015)

Uranus and Pluto are the transformational players that gave the later 60s their revolutionary reputation (approx. conjunct 65-69). We are experiencing the next wave of that energy with their waxing square, and a consciousness renaissance is underway. Original and individual power-ownings and responsibility-claimings are the assignment, and higher consciousness “technologies” are their rewards.

It’s time to take the power back from all those individuals, institutions, and scripts you’ve given it away to.

2. Grand Trine in Water

There are 6 planets in Water now, and 5 of them are involved in this Grand Trine.

Yes- brave, new creative power is described by this chart, but emotional baggage and ineffective trances are also scheduled to come blatantly to the surface. Mercury (slowly getting moving forward again) is conjunct with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Chiron and Neptune are asking us to release the wounds of our heritage: the cultural, familial, and personal scripts that we’ve inherited that are no longer serving our interests. Mercury asks us to write out our processes. Language is the magical key that can unlock these old trances, and expose the magician behind the curtain of our experiences of victimhood.

Saturn is in Scorpio (at the tip of a Yod that will be exact on 3/30) is a central influence that is demanding our shadow-facing work (and will continue to for the next two-and-a-half years). Again, this is about reclaiming power that you’ve given away to old emotional programs, financial obligations, cultural expectations, and powers that be that are misusing their power.

The Moon in her rulership (and waxing) in Cancer suggests great progress in the emotional maturity department this year (Hallelujah!)

The keys to harmonizing with this emotional grand trine are Gratitude and Compassion (as they usually are). Acceptance of what is, and openness to new experiences will yield wonderful fruitiness.

One final (uber important) note:

Jupiter in Gemini (in mutual reception with Mercury in Pisces) is coming to the final pass of a powerful Yod on 3/26 (see if you haven’t yet), and the power of optimistic community involvement is growing. Reach out to the lights who are glowing around you. Now not Later (that could be a great candy to market…)

May this “New Year” put some healing fire under your butt, and get you moving on the movies that matter (the ones where you’re a star).

Cheers- Adam Wolter



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