New Moon in Pisces


New Moon in Pisces, March 11, 12:51pm PDT

This New Moon is in the final magical mystical reality-bending sign of the zodiac. It is part of a preposterous seven-bodied stellium that has been turning our attention inward, backward, and (hopefully) upward for the last couple weeks. Pisces is the realm of the archetypes: where the “gods” and “goddesses” of our collectively agreed upon reality models reside. It is here where we interface with programs of the unconscious and deep-seated belief patterns and habits that help or hinder us in this world.

This New Moon provides a canvas on which to paint the stories of our lives with more sacred, beautiful, and compassionate brushstrokes. While making your wishes and intentions for this New Moonth, invite more direct experiences of Divinity into your life. You are a spiritual being on a soul journey, with many multidimensional masters and angels waiting for you to ask for their assistance. Please, for the love of God, pick up the phone and dial.

Neptune is currently in its home sign of Pisces (and will be for 12 more years!), summoning experiences of higher consciousness and “Divine intervention.” Imagine that the parables of your life path contain important clues to accessing more of your divinity.

Neptune presides over the mystery machines of movies, music, and memes that paint on the canvas of your creative unconscious. Your stories are important, and so are the stories you choose to read, watch, and give your power to. Choose your media medicines wisely this month:

-Watch better movies

-Read better books

-Sing songs that make you cry for more of the right reasons

-Dance your prayers

Mars is in the final degree of Pisces on this Moon, indicating an important time for purging baggage of any old angers or frustrating limitations we’ve been holding onto. Notice what pushes your buttons today, and decide to release everything that knocks you out of the driver’s seat.

Are you spending a lot of time listening to Democracy Now (aka Depress Me Now), focusing on the disgusting distribution of wealth, noticing what a liar Barack Obama has turned out to be… or are you deciding to empower more wonderful magic-makings of the co-creators you know who are rocking this world?

Stop playing victim, and start playing with magic.

Cheers- Adam Wolter


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