Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces


The poet… gains consciousness only that he may better obey the movements of the unknown waves which cradle him, and that he may widen through consciousness itself, the limits of the unconscious. -Elie Faure

The Sun is conjunct with Neptune in Pisces today (11:18pm PST), illuminating truths that hide beneath the surface, and offering possibilities for more creative experiences of and in the highest.

The Sun’s conjunction with Neptune offers a time to feel more of who we truly are. Our lives’ stories are singing sacred songs, but we’re not always listening.  

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Venus rules over our personal tastes and values: music and artwork, social engagements, money, foods and wines. In a similar (yet way vaster) fashion, Neptune presides over our “reality model” tastes: the images, songs, and stories that echo through the ages;(and the one sacred song that all life is singing). We can taste sips of the nectar of enlightenment with Neptune’s help, but we can also get drugged into religious escapism and victimhood when her murky waters are stirred.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac (Neptune’s home). It contains all the wisdom of the other signs, but also much of their baggage (and 5 planets right now!) In Pisces the archetypes of our collective unconscious (a.k.a. our agreed upon reality models) are on the stage. Programs of ignorance, apathy, and fear are widely available for viewing her. However, so are DIY shows where gods and goddesses with fiddles and banjos are weaving new worlds in the jigs they’re jigging. Get creative with the archetypes you decide to entertain. Your imagination is capable of amazing visioning now- paint wonderful things.

Imagine the stories of your life: visit with the friends, family members, musicians, acquaintances, adventures, assholes, and other creatures you’ve known who play meaningful parts in your personal mythology (one way or the other).

Call on the courage of the Sun in your heart to help you release and forgive the bumps and bruises, and the outmoded programs and beliefs that are slowing you down now. Invite a calm courage into your life, and better stories about yourself.

As Neptune embarks on its second 163 year cycle of the Zodiac since its discovery (1846), it’s important that we now welcome new levels of conscious responsibility to our co-creative adventures, or drown in a meaningless world of disembodied fantasy.

We have a fertile field to plant in now. Keep your ears and eyes open to the voices and visions of your sacred journey. Engage your creative process with remarkable resolve. You came here with an important part to play- wanna play?

Cheers- Adam Wolter

The occultist sees in the man of today a being in the full swing of evolution. Man is at the same time a fallen God and a God in the becoming. -Rudolf Steiner



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