Happy Full Moon in Leo!


Happy Full Moon in Leo!
Jan 26, 8:38pm PST at 7Leo24

Leo is the sign of creativity and play, and tonight is designed to catalyze the expression of more of your original wonderfulness. However, this Full Moon is also likely to bring up some sticky old shtuff.

The axis of this Full Moon is square to Saturn in Scorpio. Sun, Moon, and Saturn are all in fixed (stubborn, slow-moving) signs, calling to the surface old emotional stories of limitation that are still clogging up our circuitry.

Judgments we took on during times of trauma or drama are likely to be illuminated at this time. Full Moons are opportunities to release things that no longer serve us. Honor the tough feelings that come up now- they’re showing themselves so you can give thanks for and release them.

While sticky frustrations are likely to show up with this Moon, there is also a beautiful wave of joy, freedom, inspiration and innovation available to catch. The catch is that you’ll probably need to take some uncomfortable risks, and step out of your comfort zone in some way to catch it.

Jupiter and Uranus are forming half of a Star of David with the Sun and Moon. All four are in Fire and Air signs which are about bravado, creativity, and blowing hot air (which can be great for filling sails sometimes).

Jupiter and Uranus are both about dares. Jupiter dares to trust in the power of community, and bets on the goodness of friends and family- reach out now. Uranus dares to express itself, and gets curious about inappropriate originalness in all its manifestations. Seek out the weirdos in your world- they’ve got gifts to share tonight.

Jupiter will be changing direction in three days, so it’s a very important time to look at the stories you’re telling about our people and our world, and to decide how you want to tell better ones (if you haven’t, please read my “finger of god” article:
https://innatewholenessastrology.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/this-finger-of-god-is-pointing-at-you/ )

May the creative, playful light of this Full Moon clear away those old stories of limitation, and invite new tales of connection with the networks you’re honored to play with.

Cheers- Adam


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