This “Finger of God” is Pointing at You


Jupiter Yod


A transformative wave of inspiration is sweeping our world.

Outdated structures and definitions of power are crumbling, our hidden fears about claiming our own power are coming out of the dark, and a new burning light of empowered community is rising out of all that is falling down.

Jupiter (planet of abundance and opportunity) is in Gemini (sign of messages), at the tip of a pretty hefty “Yod” formation (referred to as the “Finger of God” pattern) that also includes Saturn and Pluto.

The story Jupiter is sharing now is about the power of creating new stories, weaving new myths of connection and belonging, and healing ties to our ancient roots with forgiveness and new understanding.

What images, symbols, and memories spark your sense of connection with something greater? The myths and stories you’re writing (and have written) about your life and this world are very important.

It’s a wonderful time to engage in heated spiritual dialogues. Burn away any limiting old dogma and beliefs that are slowing you down, or keeping you hidden away in an ivory tower. This Yod might bring you into contact with religious (or scientific) zealots whose unhealthfully weighted opinions get a little out of hand and do some damage. An upwelling of archaic religious fanaticism is likely at this time. Also (thank goodness), waves of inspiration and experiences of new faith and grace are also likely. Please do your best to keep the energies of your personal fanatical preacher in check, but please also get excited about sharing your sacred stories and new insights bravely without attachment to outcome.

Keep your feelers open for new truths and sacred myths about who you might be:

You are powerful beyond measure. You are made of the same consciousness that births all worlds. Some parts of you are still scared of/in denial about really being all that powerful. You’ve come to planet Earth to find that power and to share it with others- experiencing deep intimacy and trust, and blowing up the barriers to really valuing and believing in yourself and others. Some parts of you are still really scared about that, too.

Where is the space of sacred communion with another? How can we work together successfully from such different perspectives? This Yod is asking us to reach a little farther by working on ourselves, attracting our tribe, and getting straight to work, regardless of discomfort.

Saturn is in Scorpio (Pluto’s sign) and Pluto is in Capricorn (Saturn’s sign), so the two planets forming the base of our Yod are in “mutual reception”- helping purer manifestations of their energies to come to fruition now. Both of these planets and signs are about power: Overt and covert expressions of external “power-over” in the stories on our big screen, as well as internal journeys to face any fears and shadows around owning and expressing our true power.

The first time Jupiter’s philosophical insights ignited the tip of this power-oriented Yod with its truth-seeking inspiration was 6/14/12 (in the same zodiac position as the highly significant Solar Eclipse of 5/20/12). What quests for wisdom and deeper connection with spiritual knowledge and sacred family came to prominence for you this Summer?

The second pass was on 12/21/12: The dynamic pulse of this Yod was the brightest light shining in the new beginning of our pivotal Winter Solstice. What did you plant on that darkest day? Was your faith kindled in some new way? How are you now finding deeper connections with a wider spiritual community, and new grateful understandings about your “family of origin”?

The third exact pass will be on 3/26/13, but Jupiter’s influence is prominent for all of January and February. The Full Moon on January 26th will highlight Jupiter’s energies as it changes direction on 1/30 (right in the charged position of our last Lunar Eclipse at 6Gemini, 11/28/12).

Jupiter is about our faith in this world, and it’s also about our willingness to invest in this world, to go ahead and bet on life, bet on humanity. Honor the stories of meaningful connection in your life, and dare to dance faithfully with the surprising friends and twists life offers you now.

Expanding your perspectives is a “goal” of this Yod- getting you to tell more interesting stories about life, look at it from some new angles, and to understand that your power as a story teller is a power that you’ve only seen a glimpse of. Learn to tell better stories, and to invite the revelation of your true power in this world.


Cheers- Adam (707)362-9006


(this article was also published in Isis Scrolls- Jan-Feb ’13 issue)


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