Moon in Libra: Connection Time!

Moon into LibraThe Moon has entered Libra- sign of partnership (5:12pm PST)

Major Arcana card IV- “The Lovers” of the Tarot were assigned to the sign of Gemini, but I think the symbol works a little bit better for Libra (although card XI- “Justice” is relevant as well- Libra’s “official” card).

“The Lovers” ask us to perceive illusions of duality, of separation, and to instead welcome more beautiful expressions of immutable, empowered unity.

Libra is about appreciating others and honoring all of the delicious one-on-ones of our sacred life experiences.

Who would you like to thank for their awesomeness now? What wonderful works of wonderful others would you like to help promote now? Spread the good word! This is a magical time of empowered connection-building (especially now to Jan 5, 3:14pm).

Enjoy (and get out there!) -Adam



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