Full Moon in Cancer


SFPageFull Moon in Cancer

December 28, 4:21am CST (I’m celebrating Festivus in Minnesota)

A Grand Trine in the Water signs led by the Moon in Cancer is shining a healing light on cooperating with the loaded energies of this event. The Moon is at home in Cancer, and here she guides us to nurturing ourselves and others with compassion and understanding.

The Sun is conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn, shining light on fears we didn’t even know we had. With this Moon, some might react to the energies by lashing out defensively (Napolean style) or hiding away in a puddle of irrational shame.

Old deep wounds are resurfacing now (Christmas is good for sparking those, eh?). If you’re bumping into some tough old feelings, do your best to give thanks for them, and to acknowledge the gifts they’ve shown you. Maybe you think you should already be done with this stuff (and hey- maybe you really are) but there is obviously something you weren’t able to see before. The wisdom of this Moon is about finding deeper compassion for whatever feelings are coming up, and letting them change by first accepting and allowing them to find expression.

This is an incredible Full Moon to utilize the magic of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a wonderful way to get sticky stuff moving by forgiving and accepting it.

Here’s a relevant fear-releasing tap-along from Brad Yates (my favorite tapper who offers wonderful deals and tips):



A big astro-theme we’ve been dealing with for a while now (and will continue to be navigating for a couple more years- whee!) is about changing definitions of and applications of “POWER” in our lives.

How are you seeing power used/abused in this world? What are you angry about?

How are you afraid of being powerful? Powerless?

Are you worthy of expressing your full potential in this world?

Where is the cutting edge of “power” finding expression in your life? What can you do (or release) to ride that edge?

Release your blocks to finding that wave with this Full Moon.



There are a few big stories in our sky right now that I’ve been studying, creatively mythologizing about, and am very excited to preach about, but have recently been (and still am) pretty overwhelmed by my holiday adventure in Minnesota (and by this Moon to boot).

More to come soon. Cheers- Adam




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