Deep Thoughts- from our Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Lunar Eclipse 6Gem46 11/28 6:46am

This pivotal Lunar Eclipse is in Gemini, calling our attention to the thinker- Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) who just went direct (and is still in the degree of deep-digging Scorpio where it changed direction). We are asked with this Full Moon to review the past month-and-a-half (since Mercury was last in this position): What updates have you downloaded? And what old downloads have you updated? What old beliefs aren’t serving you anymore? Whatcha gonna do about it?

Gemini and Sagittarius are about ideas and philosophies, and this Lunar Eclipse is bringing a delightfully rational spark to an intensely emotional time of deep change. Your decisions are of paramount importance right now. Can they still feel important if they’re fun? This Gemini Moon is inviting you to lighten up, and to bravely dig right in to the big decisions you’re clarifying and making at this time.

Saturn is just coming into a harmonious sextile with Pluto (they’ll be dancing in sextile through 9/13), and our Eclipse sets these two big shifters off with fireworks. The message I’m getting goes something like this:

You are powerful beyond measure. You are made of the same consciousness that births all worlds. Some parts of you are still scared of/in denial about really being all that powerful. You’ve come to planet Earth to find that power and to share it with others- experiencing deep intimacy and trust, and blowing up the barriers to really valuing and believing in yourself and others. Some parts of you are still really scared about that, too.

This sextile is getting rolling with Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, and Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn- forming a Yod or “Finger of God” pattern with the Moon- emphasizing the transformational potency of this Eclipse. This event is an invitation to new perceptions of “truth.” The outmoded dogma of “Good ol’ Religion” is being stripped bare, and many are awakening to the truth of God as being in their bones, in the flesh, and not in their books.

Spiritual Science is a term that has a strange flavor to it (thanks to Christian Science, maybe?) but that is what I hear this eclipse calling for: A curious, inquiring intellect, and an openness to fields of perception that are a bit unfamiliar as-of-yet. What religious or scientific reality guidelines are still keeping you stuck in old stories? Where is your hunger for a deeper truth brewing? Blow up all defenses you’ve erected against direct experiences of your divinity (and maybe just as importantly- others’).

You are a powerful being. Awareness is power. Give thanks for all the awareness you’ve experienced, and choose now where you’d like to focus the magic of your attention.

Happy Moonings- Adam Wolter


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