New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio!

New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
November 13, 2:08pm PST, 21Sco56

This eclipse is the first in Scorpio, where 6 eclipses will be occurring in the Scorpio/Taurus axis over the next two years (first Nov 13, 2012- last Oct 23, 2014). This time period is about facing our fears, overcoming our shadows, and embracing deeper, more inclusive expressions of power. (The last time eclipses were in
this same zone was Nov 13, 1993- Oct 23, 1995- see if you find any relevant parallels…)

Chances are that deep in your bones you have recorded the trials, tribulations, and fears of (y)our ancestors. With this New Moon, wish for the release of any old shame, sadness, or fear that is hiding in your system. This month is a time of cleansing and preparation to welcome a “higher” manifestation of You-ness. The “stuff” that is coming up is here to help you release any shit that’s still stopping up your evolutionary pipes. Scorpio is about secrets- digging them up and finding the gold that’s buried in there. Release the stories of your wounds, embrace the stories of your power.

Mercury is retrograde and (almost) exactly square to Neptune. This square to Neptune is asking us to get imaginative.

Mercury will be retrograde until Nov. 16, where he’ll change direction in right about the same place where this Solar Eclipse is happening! This Mercury-Neptune square is exaggerating the effects of Mercury’s retrograde motion (missed appointments/botched times, transportation failures, communications glitches…) and giving us some reminders that the Universe is a practical joker. Our rational, time-dependent processes (Mercury) and/or our supersensible, timeless connections to the Cosmos and higher meaning (Neptune) might be stepping on each others’ toes, and showing up in some delusional/confusional ways.

Use this creative challenge to get imaginative with the stories you’re playing with at this time. What images, symbols, and memories are sparking your sense of connection with something greater? The myths and stories you’re writing (and have written) about your life and this world are very important right now. We have some history that’s ready for healing and some gross materialism that’s ready for dying. Invite the power of your identity as myth-maker with this eclipse.

A grand trine in the water signs (involving Saturn, Neptune, Ceres and Chiron) is emphasizing the emotional intensity that accompanies this Solar Eclipse. Saturn is about solid structures, and definitions and limitations that have been passed down through the ages. It rules our skeletons, and the memories that live in our bones. Neptune is about dreams and faith, and our experiences of the Mystery. Neptune sings the higher octaves of Venus (music), and is about the vibrations we’re radiating and allowing with our consciousness. With this New Moon, wish for the songs that your bones are singing to harmonize with a higher order, and to catalyze deeper revelations of your worthiness.

Make your Magic New Moon Wishlist in tandem with, or following the Eclipse at 2:08pm.


Some relevant wishing ideas:

Wish for clarity about your blockages, and for success in clearing them away. Whatever shadows you’ve danced with, and whatever limbs you’ve lost in the process, in truth you are still whole. This is a truth that this eclipse is calling to.

What dirty laundry is still hiding in your subconscious? What judgments and power struggles with others are keeping you from expressing your true power? Are you afraid of finding your true power? Are you threatened to take responsibility for expressing your deep strength?

Are you ready for a deeper commitment to a wonderful lover? Wishes for soul mating experiences (pun intended) are great, but remember- soul matings always catalyze deep revelations of stuff you’ll never be “ready” to deal with. What “stuff” from past lovers are you still hung up on? Wish for the release of that good ol’ baggage you’ve become attached to. Then wish for a heaping helping of excitement about risking your security, and diving right into the challenging, rewarding transformations new/renewed love sparks.

Happy sailings in these strange, magical waters (Let go of that shore!)

Cheers- Adam (707) 362-9006


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