Happy Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus
Oct. 29 12:41pm PDT at 6Tau47

Full Moons bring illumination to what’s hidden and offer an opportunity to release what’s no longer serving. Taurus is the sign of money, food, self-worth, and earthly pleasures. What

materialist concerns are keeping you from participating in the spiritual transformations that are on the plate?

The chart of this event is loaded- first and foremost, by two potent structures- a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross.

The Grand Trine is in Water- including Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Ceres in Cancer.

It’s interesting that we have a big wet hurricane hitting our financial and political capitols in tandem with this Moon (seen photos from Manhattan yet? Crazy!). Maybe there’s a message trying to get through here… Water is about the emotional/psychic/spiritual currents we’re navigating. The trance-fields that are keeping this sham of a republic cruising in a police stateward direction are not a joke. What can you do besides play victim to them? Divine communion is the gift of the water element, and prayer, meditation, and song are the tools- use them wisely now.

The Grand Cross is in the Cardinal signs- involving Uranus, Pluto, Ceres, and Venus

Cardinal Grand Crosses get things moving on the material plane. Venus just moved into Libra (her home! Yay!) to set off our Uranus-Pluto square with some peace-making revolutionary communication potentials. Ceres isn’t quite going to complete the aspects with Uranus and Pluto (as she’s soon going retrograde), but nonetheless, her presence here doubly indicates a nurturing infusion of divine feminine goodness. Watch the big changes that are moving now, and understand that the river has her destination, and all will be well.

This Full Moon is illuminating the potency of the divine feminine, and inviting you to release your idea that you know where you’re going, and any attachment to set outcomes you’re still clinging to.

Rational, practical Mercury is square to spaced-out, timeless Neptune, and will soon be going retrograde (to pass over Neptune two more times!) Communication, transportation, and technology mishaps are already abounding and will be getting more ridiculous over the next couple weeks. Again- the healing message is about releasing attachment to agendas.

Happy sailings (and safe hurricane shelterings)
Cheers- Adam Wolter


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