First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: Let’s start digging!

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn (29Cap08 to be exact) 10/21 8:32pm PDT

First Quarter Moons are about action- putting the pedal to the metal and getting cooking with the shtuff you decided to manifest/move/apply at the New Moon. This First Quarter Moon, however, seems to be more about releasing the old than creating the new. The Sun and Moon are both in the last degrees of their signs- indicating important

final decisions, and the wrapping up of unfinished business.

What have you committed to paying or following through on? The next week of activity will be giving you opportunities to finish up and follow through on sticky old stuff you might have forgotten about or just left on the back burner.

Saturn is now in Scorpio, and soon to be conjunct with the Sun (10/25 1:32am). This conjunction is going to be illuminating the big lessons of the last 2.5 years, and inviting us to dig deeper in the departments of “letting go” and “pressing on.”

How/when has power been ripped from your hands? Can you open to the understanding that you signed up for these lessons? Are you open to (re)claiming that power now? What deep doo-doo is still running some part of your show? Invite that doo-doo to get clearer and/or stinkier over the next week, and then get out the pooper scooper- flushings will be made available.

Jupiter in Gemini is at the midpoint of the Sun and Moon (Sesquiquadrate to each, making a “boomerang yod”):
Jupiter (team spirit, faith, grandiosity..) is now tracing over the degrees where the Sun was during our last lunar eclipse, and also where the Sun and Venus were when Venus went right over the face of the Sun (June 4 and 5, 2012, respectively)

I’m getting pretty inspired as I look at this configuration, as Jupiter is a key that unlocks many doors, and these degrees of evolutionary activity contain some very rich secrets. The healing of the Divine Feminine/Masculine divide is a pretty central theme.

Gratitude is the sickle that harvests Jupiter’s bounty and wisdom. Words (Gemini) of thanksgiving and praise can do a lot now. Please do some “prayer work” (whatever that means in your cosmology- dwelling on various awesomenesses, and honoring vibrations of thanks can be initiated in so many ways…) Invite good news to the plate. Share it, find it, and preach it.

We also have a grand trine in the water signs, which is emphasizing Saturn’s healing intentions in the emotions department. It’s time to dig deep and find the little speck of light that’s buried underneath all defined and labelled preconceptions, where the spark of life originates.

That’s only through You- Please own it, dear Creator.

Cheers- Adam Wolter

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