Full Moon in Cancer January 8, 2012 11:30pm PST

This Full Moon illuminates the dance between your feelings about family and nurturing your home and body (Cancer), and your professional identity and drive to succeed in the larger world (Capricorn).
The Moon is at home in Cancer, and this night puts our emotional needs high in the sky. Stand underneath that midnight Moon if you get the chance, and give thanks for the loving roots that are nurturing the fulfillment of your dreams. Take some time to bliss out on your sense of belonging to a meaningful family- whatever your version of that looks like right now.

The preponderance of planets in Earth signs drops a hint that “business” concerns might be getting in the way of the emotionally rich life you came here to dance in. Mercury (the messenger) just moved into Capricorn (sign of goals), and is square to revolutionary Uranus in Aries. This square is delivering feedback about any daring feats of self-expression or new ways of interfacing with this world that you’ve been pondering recently. Pay close attention to the feedback you get about any new big dreams at this time:

What courageous endeavors are worth your full investment? What big goals of yours are changing? What new approaches to their execution are you pondering? What’s getting in the way of nurturing your emotional body and caring for your “family”?

This is a great Full Moon to decide what failures or regrets from your past you’d like to release from your emotional body, and to let them go!

Here’s an excellent EFT tap-along from Brad Yates to help you do just that:

Ride the wave of emotional presence available now- it might take you high and it might take you low. Honor the adventure of your feelings, and the mysterious, wonderful rhythms of your body. Your presence is fuel for your purpose.

May light and wisdom shine bright on your path this rich, beautiful night.

Cheers- Adam Wolter



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