Full Moon (Eclipse) in Leo

February 10, 2017


Lunar Eclipse in Leo
Feb 10th, 6:33 pm CST    22Leo28

The Sabian Symbol for this degree:

Keynote: The audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence. -Dane Rudhyar

The Moon is in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun. Leo’s fire illuminates lessons about creativity, self-confidence, play, and dramatic performance. The shadows of Leo are around self-centered grandiosity, extravagant entitlement, and non-stop sales pitches about the self (sound like anybody we know?(He was born with Leo rising))

The last time we had an eclipse in this Saros series was on January 31st, 1999. Bill Clinton was in the midst of his impeachment hearing. Good thing the nation isn’t dealing with anything so shameful this time, eh?

Now, it’s easy to get distracted and distraught by the travesties on the big screen, but the energies of this eclipse are asking us to turn our attention in another direction. You are that bareback rider displaying her dangerous skills. You are a performer in the circus of your life. What’s keeping you from going ahead and getting more dramatic and exuberant with the part you’re playing? Conversely, what dramas or personal ambitions are keeping you so tied up in your own head that you don’t do a good job connecting with others, and applauding the gifts they’re sharing?

The Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of The People. This eclipse is asking us to release the glitches in our programs that keep us from balancing the energies of Leo (The Ruler) and Aquarius (The People). What symbolic ritual could help you to invoke a balance between these two in your life? How could you get your limiting self-concepts out of the way enough to get out of the house and share something beautiful and meaningful with a group? Maybe a costume change would be good for the occasion… How might you update your concepts of The People? Maybe these concepts could include a little more of our living world as part of your extended family: the birds, the trees, the water, the air…

We have a Mystic Rectangle, a Grand Trine in Fire, two Kites, and almost a Grand Sextile (a Star of David) in this chart. Many astrology texts say that these are very propitious alignments, but experience has shown that the magic of these powerful formations is anything but harmonious. It’s an energy overload, and while it can lead to some breakthroughs, it can also lead to breakdowns.     

The elements are very out of balance in this chart. We have a deficit of Earth and Water (the Yin or “nocturnal” elements) and an overabundance of both Fire and Air (the Yang or “diurnal” elements). Anxiety and stress are natural byproducts of this energy. There’s a lot of hot air flying around, and not a lot of sensitivity or patience to keep it in check.

The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus (the most important story of these times of unpredictable rapid change) is being emphasized and accelerated by this powerful formation. The massive charge that is moving through our systems now might just blow a couple of circuits. Let this eclipse show you what old programs and stories you’re hanging onto that it would be good to let go of. What real or imaginary burdens are keeping you from standing up and surfing on these waves of change?

Venus and Mars are in head-first Aries, conjunct by ~5 degrees, but Venus has slowed down, won’t quite reach Mars, and will be going retrograde March 4th. The two won’t realize their conjunction until October 5th in Virgo. It’s said that desire is the starting point of all achievement, but it can also be said that it’s the starting point of some really stupid decisions (use rubbers, people!) Venus and Mars are now telling stories about wishes for love and inspiration unfulfilled.

Notice who and what you’re falling in love with in this chapter of your life. That passionate fire isn’t going to keep burning in the same way forever, but maybe you can use it to stoke some other fires. What unfulfilled (and possibly unachievable) ambitions do you need to nurture? What unrealizable love affairs (maybe with the Divine) do you need to dream about more?

There are glimpses being offered now of a new passion that will be needed for your work in the times to come. Know that Rome (or a successful marriage) wasn’t built in a day.

Jupiter’s now retrograde in Libra, and old-but-not-forgotten friends and allies from times gone by are coming out of the woodwork all over the place. Send lines to those co-creators you’re remembering now, and give thanks for the gifts they’ve shared with you.

This eclipse is asking us to release our barriers to effective teamwork, and Lord knows we’ve got some teamwork to get crackin’ on.





Attune to clarity of purpose with Imbolc

February 2, 2017

imbolcHappy ‘True’ Imbolc
Feb 3rd, 9:34 am CST

This is one of those magical cross-quarter gateways, when the Sun is exactly halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox, and the veils grow thinner.

I suggest tuning in to the magic of this gate with the sunrise (7:35 am) if you can (sorry for the late notice).

The sunrise chart is beautiful, with the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn all in dignity, and Mercury in Capricorn offering practical clarity. Clear vision is available now. Shine some light on your path of right action.

Jupiter in Libra is beautifully emphasized, and insights about effective human collaboration are ripe for the harvest. Write those good ideas down now (and/or share them with somebody already!)

15 Aquarius is the heart of Aquarius, and the heart of humanity. Attune your heart with the center of the Sun, and send out gratitude to the beings in your life who are sharing their gold, and doing their work. Ask to be shown more of your work. Where’s your gold, and how are you sharing it?

Amazing creators are emerging out of the woodwork of our world. Envision a new connection-powered cultural renaissance taking root in our world, because it already is. Ride this wave of humanity rising, and sprinkle gratitude all over it.

Blessed Imbolc-ings,

P.S. If you don’t get a chance to do some kind of conscious attunement with the sunrise, high noon (12:26 pm) is another particularly ripe time to download some magic (20 minutes either side)

P.P.S. Times listed are for Minneapolis


New Moon in Aquarius

January 27, 2017


New Moon in Aquarius
Jan 27th, 6:33 pm CST    8Aqu15

The Sabian symbol for this degree:


Some one-liners on this symbol from Dane Rudhyar:
“The vitalization of an important symbol, its embodiment in living reality”
“The archetype is given living substance and wings”
“The Image has become a Power”
“The seer must become the doer”

What a perfect symbol for this mysterious time of revolutionary change that’s been ignited. How are you doing with this exciting circus so far? It’s going to continue to get more and more interesting for a bit here…

The seeds we choose to plant with this New Moon can have some very beautiful and far-reaching effects. Sow seeds of solidarity and conscientious connection all over the place. Aquarius is the sign of “People Power,” and a wave of organized resistance to people power-squashing forces is on the rise. This confrontation is growing, and it’s moving fast. Choose with this Moon to ride this wave of revolutionary change to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, get out of your comfort zone, and reach out to the co-creators who are doing good things with this energy.

The Sun and Moon are approaching a harmonious trine to Jupiter in Libra (perfecting for the Moon tomorrow night, and for the Sun, with our Full Moon on Feb 10th)

Some of the efforts and wishes that are taking root with this New Moon will be showing some wonderful blossoms for our Lunar Eclipse on the 10th. The simple message I get from these approaching trines is: Truth will prevail for more eyes to see- keep sharing yours. 

The next two weeks will provide many opportunities to engage in challenging and interesting discussions (and actions). Join those circles that are generating vibration-raising intelligence, and fill your calendar with good connections.

All planets are moving direct (rare) with this Moon

2017 is a year of crazy change, and we are in a sort of fast-paced funnel of potential to affect the flavor of that change. Commit now to forgoing familiar comfort-zone defenses, and choose to get your hands dirty. The energy of this Moon is very overwhelming (and it’s natural to want some alone time with it), but the intentions that we commit to now can have wonderfully helpful effects in the approaching storms.

Mercury is conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn (setting off our Cardinal T-Square)

Definitions of power and value in our world are being called into question, and many voices are scrambling to make sense of this strange time.

The concept of power as something static is killing us all. The idea that power can be accumulated in a bank account or can be realized through having some important title or an amazing salary is very misleading. We have been programmed to think that power is about control and ownership, but maybe there are some other concepts of power we could choose to explore…

Maybe our new concepts of power can be more about life force. Maybe power isn’t something that can be accumulated, but something that flows through us. Everything is in motion all the time. Maybe true power is just about being more truly present for this strange dynamic experience of being alive…

(The people, united, will never be defeated!)

Happy New Moonings




Mars and Saturn say: Get busy!

January 16, 2017

The Moon in Virgo is setting off a Mutable T-Square with Mars and Saturn today (in full force 11 am – 6 pm CST):

It’s a good day to get busy on a lot of projects, but symptoms of worry and frustration can also overwhelm the circuitry now. There’s so much to do, but only so much time.

This square between Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius is highlighting the freaky rise of fascism in our world. Old deeply-ingrained patterns of “white male” power dynamics and delusional fears about change are coming up for review, and the power plays that are playing out don’t seem to be slowing down. This brief little T-square might just help us find some insight about how we can approach this strange time more healthfully for ourselves, and productively for our future.

The Moon’s opposition to Mars in Pisces asks us to confront any patterns of fearful escapism that keep us in the role of victim. Notice any anger that arises. Is there someone you need to confront or call out directly? Where are you pointing your finger? Who’s to blame for your feelings? What projections can you withdraw?

The Moon’s square to Saturn in Sagittarius can help us to look at our beliefs regarding the future of the human race, and our capacity to affect that future. A little bit of pessimism is a natural side effect of Saturn’s energies, but realistic long-term planning and commitment are the gold. What goals and action plans can you prioritize now? Any forgotten tools or trainings from the past that might be helpful?

This is a crazy time of change on our planet.

Keep your eyes wide, the chance won’t come again

(But don’t beat yourself up when you need to retreat! There’s heavy heavy shtuff moving through all of our systems. We’ve got a lot of healing to do here)



Full Moon in Cancer

January 11, 2017


Full Moon in Cancer

Jan 12th, 2017 5:34 am CST    22Can27

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  -Rumi

It’s a live one! The Moon is in her happy Cancer home, but she’s setting off an explosive Cardinal Grand Cross that is going to be making even more weird headlines for us all.

We have entered a crazy time of accelerated change, and if you’re feeling comfortable, you’re probably not paying attention. The pace is picking up, as all planets are now direct, and the spark of this Full Moon is kissing the alignments that are telling these stories of crazy change.

We are about to see a wonderfully progressive backlash to all of the regressive toxicity that has been exposed in our world recently. There is a revolution brewing, and all souls are being called to ride this wave of change (granted, some of those souls are reacting to the call with a breed of fear that hurts us all).

This Moon is asking us to let go of the emotional barriers we’ve built that keep us isolated and afraid. Planets in Cancer love to feel comfortable, and sometimes, when energies get intense like this, wine, chocolate cake, and movies sound much more inviting than dealing with anything complicated.

While creature comforts are important ingredients in any fulfilling life, our security blankets can sometimes keep us hidden away a little too long, waiting for a time when we’ll have the energy to participate again.

This is not a time to hide away. This wave of widespread change-inducing creative potential won’t be here for long (’til October).

Decide with this Moon to do some good work over the next two weeks on releasing any emotional habit patterns that keep you “safe” but miserable. Get out of your comfort zone. Join the warriors on the front lines of the creative revolution that’s getting rolling. Get off of Facebook, and out into the street.

Find your passion, that love inside of you that will fight for the good of this human family, and stoke that fire with all you’ve got.

(More on the details of planetary dynamics later)



New Moon in Capricorn

December 29, 2016


New Moon in Capricorn

Dec 29th, 12:53am CST   7Cap59

New Moons are usually great times for planting seeds of goodies we’d like to see grow in our lives. This one has a bit of a different flavor, as it seems to be more interested in cleaning up old messes than starting new ones. The Sun and Moon are lined right up with Mercury, who is currently doing one of his tricky backwards dances.

Messages from long ago about your inherent worth and capacity to achieve are coming up for review. Decisions you’ve made (and have maybe regretted a bit) are here to talk. This Moon wants to know more about your priorities, and help you to release any charge from those times when you didn’t do such a great job of honoring those priorities with your actions.

When did you bring your best, but got shut down anyway? When did you say yes when you should have said no? What “failures” are you still hanging onto?

This New Moon wants to help clear blocks to realizing your capacity to affect meaningful change in this world. Honor the ghosts of New Years’ past that are here, but set your sights on the new light of empowered action that is rising.

The Moon and Sun are both approaching conjunctions with Pluto in Capricorn (12/29 at 6:11 pm and 1/7 at 12:44 am respectively)

The lord of the underworld knows how to find the weakest links in our psyches, and can help us to stew on them in order to awaken and transform them.

Many opportunities for facing big scary demons and receiving amazing evolutionary breakthroughs will be coming up over the next 9 months. This New Moon (through Thursday evening) is a great time to say yes to the magic that is on the way, and to facing the tough stuff that is coming up. You don’t have to figure it all out right now, but your intentions can be very powerful at this time.

Mars is conjunct with Neptune in Pisces, sextile to this New Moon

Mars is the planet of drive and willpower, and Neptune is the outside-of-time planet of imagination, multidimensional awareness, and illusion. When these two come together, the energy goes in two basic directions (often simultaneously). One of the directions is toward fear: denying that anything is wrong and defending our vested opinions about how our stance is right and others are wrong. The other direction is toward love: saying “I don’t know what this strange reality is, and I don’t know if my dreams are possible to achieve, but I’m going to imagine that they are, and keep on working towards them with all I’ve got.”

Basically, there’s some crackpot bravado that’s on the table. You can do good things with it if you don’t get selfish with it. Focus on the big dreams that might not be accomplished in this lifetime. It’s going to take a lot of imagination and magical collaboration to fight the darkness that is here now.

Happy Moonings to you,






A New Light is Dawning

December 20, 2016


The Winter Solstice is an opportunity to focus on our long-term goals, stoke our hearth fires, and put some love into the big plans that matter. Light a candle in the darkness and tune your heart with the Light that guides all souls. This rebirth of the Sun king is a charged window to receive clarity about your priorities, and to commit anew to accomplishing your “missions” on this mortal adventure.

2016 has been a bit of a challenging year for many. A square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces sparked a rise in nationalistic crackpotness and xenophobia around the world, and also brought some revelations about this dark age of dis-information and denial that we seem to be in.

2017 promises to be a bit more exciting and progressive (but probably not any easier). Jupiter in Libra is opposing Uranus and Eris in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The flames of revolutionary fire are being fanned as the embodiment of Mammon himself ascends to the office of President. Some shtuff is going to hit some fans this year, and the only guarantee is that it’s going to be weird, and it’s going to move fast. Certain aspects of our collective future aren’t looking so bright, and the big question on many lips is: How are we going to find the power of the people?

The gathering of many nations to protect our waters at Standing Rock, and the greed-sponsored military apparatus opposing this movement is an important symbol for this coming year. The Indigenous Soul of humanity is reawakening in many hearts now. Listen for the call, and do not hesitate. The time for conscientious and effective solidarity in action has arrived (Note: This YEAR- maybe not right this minute- see below).

Mercury just went retrograde in Capricorn… conjunct with Pluto, lord of the underworld. This period (retrograde 12/19 – 1/8) is inviting us to question our definitions of power and control, and to revisit some times in the past when we misused our power (or had our power taken away inappropriately by another). See what old ghosts arise (or maybe send you Facebook friend requests) and “sit down for tea” with them in your journal. Watch the power struggles that arise this holiday season, and know there’s a deeper teaching hidden in these debacles.

How can you more fully step into integrity in your life? What unforgivable violations need to be forgiven for you to find more of your strength? What hidden regrets about not owning your power once upon a time are keeping you from participating and sharing your gifts now? This is a period of reflection that will include some big aha’s about long-standing patterns that limit your effectiveness.

Don’t get too hung up on the old wounds you notice now. Release all the regrets you can as you honor your past, and prepare the altar of your heart to receive more of the “new” light of transformational revolution that is dawning.

May the Light of Divine Guidance illuminate your path,


Saleem Adam Wolter






Intense Full Moon in Gemini

December 13, 2016


Full Moon in Gemini

Dec. 13th, 6:05 pm CST   22Gem25

Wow! How’s this crazy energy showing up in your experience so far?

This Full Moon seems like it might just be the perfect grand finale of a Full Moon for 2016…

Full Moons bring opportunities to celebrate all that’s blossoming in our lives, and also to see some of what’s ready to be pruned. This Moon might be feeling a little heavy in the “recommended prunings” department. Thankfully, she’s also delivering heaping helpings of community connection, infusions of shining intelligence, and insights about why we’re here on planet earth right now.

The Moon in Gemini is opposite to the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius

The Moon in Gemini usually asks us to take things lightly, to dance around problems and to get distracted by a variety of shiny objects. This opposition with Saturn, however, has a bit of a different flavor. This Full Moon is asking us to face our hangups around time and attention. We live in a world that seems to ask a lot of multi-tasking of us, and multi-tasking can suck a whole lot of energy out of anyone. What are you choosing to dedicate your time to? Where would you like to focus more of your energy?

What forms of communication, technology, and connection-building are helping you to make better use of your time? Where would you like to invest more time? If Facebook (or any other digitally-connected wonder) is at all an unhealthy habit for you, it might be a good time to decide what you’d like to change about it.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is currently grinding to a retrograde station in power-oriented Capricorn, conjunct with that power-hungry lord of the underworld, Pluto

Trump’s election happened as Jupiter squared Pluto, and now Mercury is coming to help us understand what we can do about the rise of fascism that seems to be underway.

This upcoming Mercury retrograde period (having influence through the end of January) will be offering up many lessons about concepts of power that are prevalent in our world(s), and also some refreshing perspectives about ways we might get more creative with them. ‘Power’ is often conceived of as a ‘power-over’ type of control or ownership of something or someone. Maybe healthful power is more about the energy that gets generated when we connect with others and share; something that doesn’t come from just one, but from two or more dancing together… Maybe ‘power’ is the creative spark and joy that is inherent in the fabric of life- the beauty of nature, the power of the breath…

(Speaking of breath, the air element is very strong with this Moon, and now is an especially dynamic window to bring your attention to the breath. Maybe some more ‘keys to the kingdom’ (insights on healthful power) will become available on your meditation cushion as you follow the breath…)

Some of you out there are going to be experiencing some really twisty power plays from Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto. It’s a good time to decide to untangle your attachments to justice being served right now in any disagreement you’re having. The presence of unconscious power dynamics denied and buried deep down in psyches can override rational agreements at this time. Take responsibility for your words and actions, but don’t take responsibility for others’ actions or ideas about you.

This Full Moon is a golden opportunity to release blocks you have around sharing your message, and participating in the creative communities you want to play along with

The axis of this Full Moon in Gemini is right at the midpoint of Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra, making a harmonious kite with the two of them.

Mars (and Venus!) in Aquarius are riling up a lot of excitement about gathering together in groups and making good things happen with teamwork. Send out those lines!

Jupiter in Libra is giving us some extra steam to reach out to those we care about and to share our big ideas with them. Libra is the sign of listening, and new experiences regarding the power of connection and the gift of deep listening are ripe for the harvest now.

Get creative with your optimistic long-range visions of what your life might be about. This Moon calls us to get realistic about our priorities and time management abilities, but it also asks us to release any excuses that keep us from sharing our voices.

There’s a Mystic Rectangle in Fire and Air Signs!

All I’m going to say about this one at the moment is this:

Last year’s energies were rife with confusion and disappointment (the Saturn-Neptune square) in which we got to admit collectively that ‘we have some big sticky problems to address.’

This next year’s energies will be filled with rapidly-paced, unsettling, creative energies of change that can help us come together to face these problems.

May the magic of this Moon show you more of the magic in your life,

Saleem Adam Wolter





New Moon in Sagittarius

November 28, 2016



New Moon in Sagittarius

Nov. 29th, 6:18 am CST   7Sag42

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Sun-Moon conjunction says a lot about the explosive evolutionary potentials of this intense New Moon in the fire sign of new frontiers:


How are these deep rumbles of crazy change treating you? The Donald is our president elect, and the words and actions of emboldened bigots everywhere are getting uglier; corporate military state forces are continuing their criminal invasion at Standing Rock (and Obama isn’t stopping them); Chris Hedges is saying even more scary and poignant things… (that last one has some important perspectives in it, but really- dude just takes it too far every time)

These times are calling for more effective, conscientious responses, but that’s a scary call to heed. So many ways to escape… so many ways to feel powerless…

This New Moon is an opportunity to pledge allegiance to your highest ideals of right action, learn more about what’s really happening, and to commit to building effective connections with more allies. What can you do to serve and support your neighbor that involves more than clicking the like button, signing a petition, and casting a gerrymandered ballot? Solidarity is a nice concept, but effective collaboration is always complicated (especially with smarty-pants allies)…

This New Moon in Sagittarius is making a T-square by squaring Neptune and the South Node of the Moon in Pisces, and squaring the North Node of the Moon (in the position of our last solar eclipse on Sept. 1st!) in Virgo.

This T-Square is a hall of mirrors that’s begging some challenging questions: Where are elements of denial keeping you from showing up and doing the work you came to do in this world? Self-worth issues? Finger-pointing and victimhood? Addiction and escapism from emotional overwhelm? Commit now to accepting and healing those parts of yourself you’ve tried to excommunicate. This month will offer opportunities to release some long-standing patterns of hiding your gifts away. Ask for help from this Moon’s magic.

Sagittarius is a sign that is about exploring new fields of knowledge and seeking new vistas of perception. This Moon is a wonderful time to commit to “spiritual” practices and studies (like regular meditation and exercise) that can facilitate consciousness shifts, and also help to coordinate the systems of your bodymind.

The energies of rapid change have been mobilized, and extra self-care is essential. Use the practices that have worked before, and sign up for classes with teachers you know can help.

This chart is electrified by another very powerful T-Square involving Jupiter in Libra, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus, Ceres, and Eris in Aries (that’s a lot of planets!)

The big surprising changes (and calls for revolution from a few directions) we are witnessing on the stage right now are expressions of the third wave of Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) powerfully setting off the paradigm-shifting Uranus-Pluto square (7 exact hits 2012-15).

The first wave of this energy was ignited by Jupiter in Aries 6/10-2/11 which showed us the Arab Spring, Egypt’s revolution, the Greek financial crisis, the start of the Syrian civil war, interesting happenings in Iceland, the seeds of Occupy Wall Street…

The second wave was sparked by Jupiter in Cancer 8/13-4/14 – the second Egyptian revolution, more curiously revolutionary drama all over the place…

Here’s the third and final wave of revolutionary interestingness 11/16 – 10/17 with Jupiter in Libra (Solidarity! Equality!). This third wave also includes a newly discovered planet who still has more mysteries to share- Eris. She’s the dwarf planet who’s more massive than Pluto, who seems to bring our attention to the climate change crisis, crackpot materialism run amok, and ostracized minorities and indigenous peoples fighting back. What’s happening at Standing Rock is very very significant, and it’s going to grow.

This ridiculously intense New Moon is asking us to get creative (and maybe a bit more focused) with our approaches to showing up and sharing our best in these crazy times. Please plant good seeds during (or shortly after) the appointed time for maximum healing benefits. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little flipped out now; life-changing consciousness shifts are rarely comfortable!

Blessings on this crazy journey of showing up for your life





Full Moon in Aries

October 15, 2016


Happy Full Moon in Aries

It’s a live one! The Moon is lined right up with Uranus in Aries, and it is a magical night to release your fears regarding the battles on your plate. What do you need to say “no” to in your life? What hurdles have you been avoiding for too long? Where do you need to say “F it” and get to work already?

Make a commitment now to find your strength in this world. Detach yourself from any drama that’s keeping you playing small, and dare to challenge the limitations of the “status quo” in your reality model.

Uranus (now conjunct that relatively new dwarf planet, Eris, who’s still quite a mystery, but seems to be connected with an awakening of the divine feminine and the drama of our climate crisis…) is the most unpredictable planet of them all, and the next two weeks should be showing us some Uranian events that we never could have seen coming. (Uranus rules technology, so maybe it will be an amazing breakthrough… of course, it could also be a nuclear meltdown… there’s no telling what we’ll be seeing)

Mars is conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn, and the drums of war seem to be beating in this chart (not what I was hoping to see in it). Neoliberal capitalism is killing us all, and the “free” market has nothing to do with freedom. Many of those who feel screwed by these systems are being given fuel to lash out now. Don’t do crappy things with whatever righteous indignation is coming up. Do good things with this energy please.

Take stock now of the allies who are in your company. Stand up to the forces in your psyche (and in the world around) that are masquerading as “business as usual” but are really just self-serving agendas that are helping us to avoid change.

Who are your enemies tonight? Greed, Fear, Apathy, Sloth… Decide to say no to the patterns that are hurting us all. Give thanks for your victories, and celebrate with the comrades who are weaving a better tomorrow with their beautiful lives.

Here’s a health to the company!