New Moon in Sagittarius

November 28, 2016



New Moon in Sagittarius

Nov. 29th, 6:18 am CST   7Sag42

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Sun-Moon conjunction says a lot about the explosive evolutionary potentials of this intense New Moon in the fire sign of new frontiers:


How are these deep rumbles of crazy change treating you? The Donald is our president elect, and the words and actions of emboldened bigots everywhere are getting uglier; corporate military state forces are continuing their criminal invasion at Standing Rock (and Obama isn’t stopping them); Chris Hedges is saying even more scary and poignant things… (that last one has some important perspectives in it, but really- dude just takes it too far every time)

These times are calling for more effective, conscientious responses, but that’s a scary call to heed. So many ways to escape… so many ways to feel powerless…

This New Moon is an opportunity to pledge allegiance to your highest ideals of right action, learn more about what’s really happening, and to commit to building effective connections with more allies. What can you do to serve and support your neighbor that involves more than clicking the like button, signing a petition, and casting a gerrymandered ballot? Solidarity is a nice concept, but effective collaboration is always complicated (especially with smarty-pants allies)…

This New Moon in Sagittarius is making a T-square by squaring Neptune and the South Node of the Moon in Pisces, and squaring the North Node of the Moon (in the position of our last solar eclipse on Sept. 1st!) in Virgo.

This T-Square is a hall of mirrors that’s begging some challenging questions: Where are elements of denial keeping you from showing up and doing the work you came to do in this world? Self-worth issues? Finger-pointing and victimhood? Addiction and escapism from emotional overwhelm? Commit now to accepting and healing those parts of yourself you’ve tried to excommunicate. This month will offer opportunities to release some long-standing patterns of hiding your gifts away. Ask for help from this Moon’s magic.

Sagittarius is a sign that is about exploring new fields of knowledge and seeking new vistas of perception. This Moon is a wonderful time to commit to “spiritual” practices and studies (like regular meditation and exercise) that can facilitate consciousness shifts, and also help to coordinate the systems of your bodymind.

The energies of rapid change have been mobilized, and extra self-care is essential. Use the practices that have worked before, and sign up for classes with teachers you know can help.

This chart is electrified by another very powerful T-Square involving Jupiter in Libra, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus, Ceres, and Eris in Aries (that’s a lot of planets!)

The big surprising changes (and calls for revolution from a few directions) we are witnessing on the stage right now are expressions of the third wave of Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) powerfully setting off the paradigm-shifting Uranus-Pluto square (7 exact hits 2012-15).

The first wave of this energy was ignited by Jupiter in Aries 6/10-2/11 which showed us the Arab Spring, Egypt’s revolution, the Greek financial crisis, the start of the Syrian civil war, interesting happenings in Iceland, the seeds of Occupy Wall Street…

The second wave was sparked by Jupiter in Cancer 8/13-4/14 – the second Egyptian revolution, more curiously revolutionary drama all over the place…

Here’s the third and final wave of revolutionary interestingness 11/16 – 10/17 with Jupiter in Libra (Solidarity! Equality!). This third wave also includes a newly discovered planet who still has more mysteries to share- Eris. She’s the dwarf planet who’s more massive than Pluto, who seems to bring our attention to the climate change crisis, crackpot materialism run amok, and ostracized minorities and indigenous peoples fighting back. What’s happening at Standing Rock is very very significant, and it’s going to grow.

This ridiculously intense New Moon is asking us to get creative (and maybe a bit more focused) with our approaches to showing up and sharing our best in these crazy times. Please plant good seeds during (or shortly after) the appointed time for maximum healing benefits. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little flipped out now; life-changing consciousness shifts are rarely comfortable!

Blessings on this crazy journey of showing up for your life




Full Moon in Aries

October 15, 2016


Happy Full Moon in Aries

It’s a live one! The Moon is lined right up with Uranus in Aries, and it is a magical night to release your fears regarding the battles on your plate. What do you need to say “no” to in your life? What hurdles have you been avoiding for too long? Where do you need to say “F it” and get to work already?

Make a commitment now to find your strength in this world. Detach yourself from any drama that’s keeping you playing small, and dare to challenge the limitations of the “status quo” in your reality model.

Uranus (now conjunct that relatively new dwarf planet, Eris, who’s still quite a mystery, but seems to be connected with an awakening of the divine feminine and the drama of our climate crisis…) is the most unpredictable planet of them all, and the next two weeks should be showing us some Uranian events that we never could have seen coming. (Uranus rules technology, so maybe it will be an amazing breakthrough… of course, it could also be a nuclear meltdown… there’s no telling what we’ll be seeing)

Mars is conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn, and the drums of war seem to be beating in this chart (not what I was hoping to see in it). Neoliberal capitalism is killing us all, and the “free” market has nothing to do with freedom. Many of those who feel screwed by these systems are being given fuel to lash out now. Don’t do crappy things with whatever righteous indignation is coming up. Do good things with this energy please.

Take stock now of the allies who are in your company. Stand up to the forces in your psyche (and in the world around) that are masquerading as “business as usual” but are really just self-serving agendas that are helping us to avoid change.

Who are your enemies tonight? Greed, Fear, Apathy, Sloth… Decide to say no to the patterns that are hurting us all. Give thanks for your victories, and celebrate with the comrades who are weaving a better tomorrow with their beautiful lives.

Here’s a health to the company!

New Moon in Libra

September 30, 2016


New Moon in Libra  8Lib15
Freya’s Day, Sep 30th, 7:12 pm CDT

New Moons are always potent times to plant intentional seeds of new beginnings, and this one is positively packed with creative possibility.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct with expansive, idealistic Jupiter in Libra (9/9/16 – 10/10/17) For the past year (since 8/11/15) Jupiter has been in Virgo, a sign of its detriment. Planets in Virgo like to focus on nit-picky details, practical action steps, and constructive criticism. Jupiter likes to show us the magnificence of the stories of our lives, help us to expand our horizons in all departments, and to add heaping helpings of “it will all work out in the long run” optimism to our plates.  Jupiter helps us to attune to the unconditional value of the human spirit, and to find faith that we are important players in a beautiful, meaningful story (whether that’s a fact or not).

Needless to say, Jupiter can feel a bit limited in “let’s focus on fixing whatever’s wrong” Virgo. His year-long journey through Libra is a welcome one, and this New Moon is a great time to send waves of intention into all of the one-on-ones (Libra) that help us to participate in and to create a more meaningful order.

Who’s got your back? Who’s got connections to interesting opportunities in other countries, or festivals that you’d like to explore? Who would you like to study with to expand your horizons in one way or another?

This Moon is also (exactly) square to (the midpoint of) Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.  This waning square is catalyzing a “crisis in consciousness” regarding appropriate attributions of power. This month will show us some opportunities to stand up to the bullies that visit our paths. Oppressive financial obligations, confrontations with power-hungry professionals, and frustrating encounters with emotional process-suppressing loved ones are possible venues of expression.

The corporate coup of the moneyed interests that has claimed the crown in America is being exposed, and it’s a good time to see some ways that we do have the power to affect change. Maybe your presidential vote doesn’t mean much, but maybe there are some other things on the ballot that can make a difference. One example that comes to mind is the initiative to require background checks for gun purchases that’s on the ballot in some states. Everytown For Gun Safety is doing some great work that you might want to help out with. What symbolic steps can you take this month to reclaim your power from the shadowy powers-that-bully in your world?

This square (between the Sun, Moon, Jupiter in Libra and Mars and Pluto in Capricorn) is packed with creative potential. If there’s a big important project you’ve been procrastinating on for a while, now is a good time to dive into it full speed ahead with some bold bravado (just don’t be a bully with it).

Venus (ruler of Libra) is in Scorpio, in a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and guides us in our felt sense, trans-rational experiences of the ineffable. Venus is in her detriment in shadow-facing Scorpio, but this harmonious attunement to that outside-of-time-and-space god of the sea is inviting some energies of deep, spiritually-attuned forgiveness to easily flow.

What grudges have you been carrying around for too long? What energy-draining emotional entanglements are you more than ready to release (but have been unable to up until now?)

This New Moon is a great time to honor and let go of sticky stuff from the past that you still need to forgive yourself for. You did your best. They did their best. Invite new wings of freedom to the beauty of those old challenging stories that are over. What new visions of deep connection and trust would you like to experience this month? Make some space for new levels of vulnerability and deep connection.

This New Moon is happening pretty close to sunset time. Venus (the planet who rules this New Moon) is now our very visible evening star just after sunset. If you have the chance, spend some time with this evening’s sunset, and tune in to the vibrations of that goddess of love, harmony, and beauty in the west. Compose your New Moon wishes and intentions, and have some visitations with important relationships from your earth walk.

The final message I’d like to share from this New Moon in Libra is a simple one, but it’s not always such an easy thing to do: Ask for help. You deserve it, and you’ll need it with the visionary projects you’d like to share with this world.




Fall Equinox Blessings

September 22, 2016


Happy Equinox!

We begin this most beautiful season with a lively conjunction between the Sun and inspiration-inspiring, larger-than-life-visioning Jupiter, who just entered Libra on 9/9 (and will stay there til 10/10/17- yay!)

We’ve been bombarded for a bit by lots of planets in the Mutable signs (still underway, but the Sun (and Jupiter)’s ingress into Libra is sparking a shift). Jupiter’s been in Virgo for the past year. Mars has been in Sagittarius (for the most part) since March. Saturn in Sagittarius has been squaring Neptune in Pisces for most of the last year. Mercury decided to take a little retrograde adventure in Virgo, and has been (and will be) there 7/30 – 10/7.

What does this overdose of Mutable energy mean, you ask? Basically, anyone who has any trouble with procrastination, escapism, or addiction has maybe been feeling a little extra “out at sea” for a while. There are a lot of “maybes” and “ought-tos” that can feel confusing and overwhelming sometimes, and we’ve had many to choose from for a bit here. This equinox is a golden opportunity to make some clear decisions about what direction we’re going in, and to get moving!

Jupiter is in its detriment in Virgo, and its ingress into Libra is a breath of fresh air. Planets in Virgo enjoy focusing on details and getting things right, but Jupiter’s nature is less about details and more about big picture idealistic visions of a world that is rich with meaning and adventure.

Jupiter’s shift into Libra is highlighted with this equinox, and a wave of inspired extroversion is calling many hearts to a new chapter of social participation. As we awaken to Jupiter’s presence in Libra, many opportunities to connect and share our Dharma will arise. To capitalize on Jupiter in Libra, you might want to send grateful lines of connection to the teachers and mentors who have helped (and are now helping) you. Choose to see with new eyes the gifts that others have to share, and thank them for sharing those gifts directly.

Note: Mars will soon enter Capricorn (sign of its exaltation!) on 9/27 to make an action-oriented square to Jupiter on 10/5, which will really help you get working on any big picture plans of connection, or “sharing your message” in a bigger way.

Mercury (in mutable Virgo 7/30 – 10/7) is stationing direct (notice the little “S” on the chart) today. Although many are breathing a huge sigh of relief, the effects of this retrograde will still be strong for another week. This direction change is an opportunity to begin to absorb some “ahas” from this retrograde period, and to make some deep decisions about behavior changes that have been inspired. Virgo loves little adjustments, so remember, they don’t have to be big ones.

Pluto in Capricorn is also (almost) stationing direct (9/26) in a ridiculously tight trine to Mercury. This harmonious trine drops a hint that whatever adjustments you choose to commit to now can lead to some wonderfully powerful results. It also indicates that some very long-standing, hard-to-change patterns of behavior from long (maybe lifetimes) ago might be coming up so you can change them.

The over-arching message I get from this equinox is:

There are a ridiculous number of details and old, frustrating unfinished business you may yet have to take care of, but it’s time to ditch the small stuff and get actively involved with the inspiring visionaries who meet you on the path… Go!

Happy balancing acts to you!





New Moon in Leo

August 2, 2016


Happy New Moon in Leo!

What seeds of creative courage are you planting today? What ambitious flames of playful self-promotion are you fanning now?

This brave and bombastic New Moon is in a harmonious trine to productive Saturn in Sagittarius, indicating potential progress on some longer-term aims and “ah-ha”s this month. Give thanks for the big picture visions and understandings that are blooming now.

Simultaneously, however, this Moon is in a frustrating quincunx to the oversensitive planet of victimhood (at least in its more shadowy expressions), Neptune.

There’s a big adventure these two (Saturn and Neptune) are taking us on (~11/15 – 10/16) that’s about facing and exorcising some big nasty demons of dogmatic delusion, systemic corruption, and judgmental, self-limiting, fear-mongering denial and escapism that have been steering too many boats for too long. Much of it is totally out of your hands. Don’t get too involved in the delusional BS that others refuse to face; this process is a long one.

How are religious (and political) tolerance and spiritual participation evolving in your life? What self-limiting delusions/perceived inadequacies are you in the process of releasing?

The Sun and Moon in Leo are asking us to take these intense energies, and to get creative with them. There has never been a more wonderful time to write powerful satire, or to build a new vision of what effective revolution, and a more beautiful human future might look like.

Mars is just entering Sagittarius with this Moon, where it last was this spring (March 5th – May 27th). This is some great fire to boldly explore new frontiers of sharing that you’ve been chickening out about (what was scaring you this spring?) Asserting your opinions, and quantifying and qualifying your assertions can be a lot of “fun” now. Mars and Saturn won’t be conjunct until August 24th, but there’s going to be a lot to get self-righteous and preachy about between now and then. It’s a good moonth to get busy with sharing important, moving messages, but it’s a bad time to think that your way is the only way.

There are a lot of delusions coming to the surface now, inside and out. Decide to dance with them playfully and creatively this month; it’s going to be getting weirder. Cultivate more beautiful magic in your life now, because we’re going to need it.


New Moon in Gemini

June 4, 2016

GemNewMoonNew Moon in Gemini

June 4th, 9:59 pm CDT at 14Gem53

With both luminaries in playful Gemini aligned with that lover of beauty and connection, Venus, you might imagine that the energies of this New Moon should be fun and easy. The seeds that we plant with this Moon can indeed foster lively and pleasant connections, and beautiful clarity in our communications to come, but there’s a little bit of a heavy underbelly to this Moon that’s calling for some attention.

Saturn in Sagittarius is opposite to this New Moon, which means Saturn (our relationship to responsibility and authority (and depression)), is about as close to Earth as it ever gets. Long-term consequences of contracts that didn’t go the way they were supposed to are here to be accounted for. We might encounter some karma around big visions from our past that we didn’t follow through on. Set intentions with this New Moon to release any charge remaining from old unfulfilled agreements, and commit to balancing your interpersonal checkbook where you can. What forever friends haven’t heard from you for too long? What significant “mission statements” have you composed and put on the back burner? Long-term priorities are up for questioning now.

Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) in Taurus is no longer retrograde, but is just now reaching its maximum elongation, changing direction in relation to the Sun. This direction change signals the end (and sometimes the culmination) of the Mercurial lessons we’ve been dancing with during this retrograde cycle (which got started 4/18 at Mercury’s maximum elongation on the other side).

What’s coming up around themes of effective communication? How is your relationship with the details of your bank account and financial contracts changing, and what new understandings of value are you weaving? What are you stressing out about that you don’t need to take so seriously? How do you value your words?

Mercury is also approaching an opposition to Mars Rx in Scorpio (6/9)
Use this New Moon to get prepared for this confrontation which is liable to ruffle some feathers, and to bring to the surface resentments that we’ve hidden away. The theme of choosing forgiveness seems to be an important one with this Moon. Your anger can be an important ally, but as long as it’s tied up in blame (of self or others), it’s your enemy. Integrity regarding interpersonal boundaries and unspoken expectations are good things to talk about.

The Mutable Grand Cross involving Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune is being set off by this New Moon, and an itchy desire for some sort of drastic change might be coming up. Our long-term priorities are being called into question, and this Moon might just help some individuals to shift their goals considerably (but don’t decide to do that all in one fell swoop!) The Mutable signs are gifted with the capacity to “go with the flow,” but when we have an OD of them like we do now, there is a strong potential for confusion and distraction (especially regarding the big picture goodies).

Some New Moon Wish List Suggestions
Channels of communication are being sparked in inconsistent (potentially very interesting) ways right now. Sudden “aha!” moments are likely, so invite more of them (and keep a pen with you, because they probably won’t stick around for long). Welcome new experiences of integrity in your everyday communications. Decide to put down your phone for a bit, and to honor the pertinent messages the gods are sharing all around you. If you’re dealing with a long-term case of writer’s block, this is an optimal time to decide to get over it. Give thanks for all the distractions in your life, and choose to prioritize activities that aren’t.

Happy plantings,

Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 21, 2016




Greetings Seekers,

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing light to some very very old lessons of belonging.

Come, come, whoever you are.
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving — it doesn’t matter,
Ours is not a caravan of despair,
Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times,
Come, come again, come.


This Full Moon is calling us to remember, to forgive, and to release some very old wounds.


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the idealistic, expansive planet who helps us to weave the events and relationships of our lives together into a meaningful tapestry. The gold of Sagittarius lies in the understanding that all languages, faiths, countries, and species share one heart. We are one family, and this life takes us on adventures of building bridges of understanding.

Shadows of Sagittarius are around idealism that divides: religious dogma, national pride, and all forms of holier-than-thou-ness. Take note, however, that denying the validity of religious and cultural heritage, and climbing onto the hippy bandwagon of “it’s all just one, man” idealism can also be a toxic expression of the Sagittarian shadow.

This Moon is conjunct with Mars in Sagittarius, who is now as close to the earth (and as bright) as it gets. Tune in and spend some intentional time with Mars in the living sky tonight (just a bit west of and down from the Moon). This Full Moon is highlighting lessons of Mars’s current retrograde adventure (pertinent Feb-Aug ’16), and is asking us to witness and release unhealthy expressions of its energies in our lives.

Healthy expressions of Martian energies give us motivation and energy. Physical strength and mobility, drive to achieve our goals, and sexual health and vitality are important indicators that Mars is doing well in our charts. Healthy personal boundaries, team player-ness, and integrity in following through on commitments are also good signs.

When Martian disharmony comes up, we can encounter lessons around selfishness and isolation, bullying (giving or receiving), reactive defensiveness, self-centered fear, suppression of or lack of control over our anger, sexual disharmony, and crippling self-doubt. Dwelling in any form of blame is also a good sign that something is out of whack.

How would your Mars like to be polished with this Moon? Have you ever experienced any wounds from the above-mentioned imbalances? (Nahh…)

This Moon is an opportunity to call to the surface old (maybe lifetimes old) wounds around self-assertion and boundary violations that are keeping you from being the active participant you’d like to be in this lifetime. It’s a great time for clearings around old anger and blame for personal betrayals that are still coming up.


Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) is currently in Virgo, connecting two very significant chart patterns. Jupiter is part of both a Mutable T-Square with Saturn and Neptune, and also an Earth Grand Trine with Mercury and Pluto.

T-Squares catalyze massive mobilizations of change (in the Mutable signs it’s mostly about consciousness), and Grand Trines offer spiritual balms of wisdom and understanding (Earth is about embodiment and the proof in the pudding).

Jupiter is asking each of us to take practical steps (Virgo) to connect the big picture dots of our lives: How does the rubber meet the road with our larger “missions,” and who are the co-creative compatriots who are travelling with us now?

Lifetimes-old connections may be re-surfacing at this time as Mercury stations direct (Yay!) in Taurus (part of the Grand Trine!), and outside-of-time connections are catalyzed in mysterious ways that lead to practical expressions.


Let the inspirational wind of Jupiter’s larger-than-life vision fill your sails on this beautiful Full Moon, and let go of old wounds that are keep you from living the full life you came here to live.





New Moon in Taurus Blessings

May 6, 2016

Hi Astro Fans,

How are you enjoying these delicious earthly energies today?

It’s the first astoundingly beautiful and perfect early summer day here in Minneapolis. I put on shorts for the first time this year, and am finally emerging from winter’s chrysalis. Idealistic visions of the human family awakening together to the profound blessing of mortal embodiment are dancing in my heart.


Our New Moon is happening (happened, I guess) in Taurus, and it’s sparking off harmonies of awe-inspiring beauty and grace. Simple pleasures are not simple today; they can awaken us to the truth that Divinity is here, alive and well.

This New Moon’s harmony comes from a gorgeous Grand Trine in the Earth signs with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This Grand Trine is inviting an infusion of practical visionary inspiration (Jupiter in Virgo) for the challenging long-term task of revolutionizing our definitions of and relationships to power and control within and without (Pluto in Capricorn).

How is your “true calling” calling you now?

Mercury and Mars are both retrograde, and unfinished projects and unfulfilled ambitions from long ago are likely to come to the table to talk (although it might not be with words- we’re a little short on the mental air element at the moment). Friends and lovers from times gone by should be stopping by now to show you new understandings of some treasures you’ve got hidden away inside of you.

These retrogrades can give us chances to remember lifetimes-old wisdom in visceral ways. We’re standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, and we’re part of what comes after us. These retrogrades can also help us to check ourselves, and to get back into integrity (Mars’s gold) in places where we’ve been sloppy, and forgotten the lessons of what really matters.

This New Moon offers an important opportunity to choose to “put your money where your mouth is,” literally and figuratively. How are your daily practices reflecting your values? What do you value about yourself? About other humans in your life?

Plant some good wishes about coming fully into the beauty of the Earth realm this Moonth, and invite ecstatic gratitude to the ceremony. Honor the heck out of this strange beautiful adventure of mortal embodiment. Feel the unity of Nature in your bones.


Saleem Adam Wolter

Happy (Slightly Belated) Full Moon in Leo

January 23, 2016

Hello Astro Fans,

Wow! It’s been a little while. I see that the last time I sent out an official post was in May of 2015. A lot has changed since then… I’ll tell you a bit of the story at the bottom.

But first, let’s talk about this beautiful full Moon in Leo!


Full Moons are wonderful times to celebrate, share with others, and to release limitations that are no longer serving. What a lovely coincidence that this Leo Full Moon (the Party Moon) falls on a swingin’ Saturday night… what inhibitions are you letting go of?…

This Full Moon is bestowing blessings that can help us to release fear around sharing our original, creative Truth(s), and to embrace experiences of healthful power-sharing on our paths (some restrictions may apply – more below).

Leo is the Sun’s home, and it’s a sign that loves to shine (we all have Leo in us, and it’s a great time to cultivate those energies). This Moon’s light can ignite our hearts and help us to experience more of our unconditional worthiness. Similarly, this Full Moon can help us to see and value others’ gifts that we might not have noticed before.

There’s a special formation that some might overlook in this chart, but I’m finding it very significant and positively delightful. Venus and Neptune are making a “Golden Yod” (Golden Ratio finger of God) with the Moon at the tip. The Sun-Moon axis is right at the midpoint of a weak quintile between Venus and Neptune, and the Moon is biquintile to each of them.

This formation is about creativity and sensitivity. These three planets are the most sensitive and feminine of the bunch, and new degrees of intuitive, felt-sense awareness are liable to crop up tonight.

Venus and Neptune both carve almost perfect circles with their orbits, and are two octaves of the same energy (IMHO). This full Moon is inviting their harmonies to the fore. Both planets bring up themes around beauty, pleasure, music, and harmony, but one is personal (Venus), and one is transcendental (Neptune). This full Moon is liable to generate some surprising harmonies and peaceful resolutions where conflict has arisen. What are you noticing in the “inner peace and harmony” department (that might have nothing to do with external circumstances)?

I mentioned earlier how this is a good time to let go of some inhibitions around expressing ourselves and getting out on the dance floor, so to speak. It also may be a good time for some to let go of addictive behaviors, or maybe just to finally face the music and see that there’s a real problem (Venus and Neptune are usually part of the journey of over-sensitivity that can lead to drug and alcohol problems).

Another prominent (possibly much louder for some) energy of this chart is a bit of a sticky one:

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, conjunct with Pluto, and square to Uranus

Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn is asking us to revise our understandings of real world power, and to review abuses we’ve inflicted and sustained. This conjunction with Pluto is calling many of us to task with facing fears around claiming personal responsibility, and showing us ways that we’ve give our power away (and/or take it away from others). Some deep shadows of the patriarchal system of power-over are coming to light.


Who do you see misusing power in your world? Where have you misused power in the past? Where has someone held power over you in ways you didn’t understand at the time?

(Ho’oponopono has been proving very helpful on some of these stories from my path)


So… there are a couple notes from this full Moon that are standing out for me… let me know what’s coming up for you.

Hope your night is/was beautiful.

Cheers, Saleem


What I’ve been up to for a while:

In April of 2014, I started a 2-year program of study to become a “Certified Leader” in the Dances of Universal Peace. I’ll be finishing up the course this April, but I’m already frequently leading and assisting other leaders with dance events.

I took initiation in the Sufi Ruhaniat International with my mentor, Zahir Roman Orest in December of 2014. He gave me the name Saleem (from Salaam – Divine Peace), and it’s become my primary title.

I’ve been spending a lot less time reading and writing about astrology, and a lot more time singing when I’m not doing readings. The Sufi who founded the Dances of Universal Peace (originally just called “Sufi Dancing” by the originator) was also an amateur astrologer, and instructed his students in astrological embodiment practices to cultivate the gifts he saw in their charts.

I’ve been trying to get back on the ball with astrological writing (and figuring out how to use Mailchimp, and making videos…) for a while, but have been feeling very self-conscious and scaredy-cattish about it. I think this extended chapter of procrastination is just finishing up, and I hope to regularly be sharing astrological goodies with you again.

Feel free to send me any words of encouragement you’d like to share (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink)

Thanks for reading about me!



Happy New Moon in Taurus

May 17, 2015


Happy New Moon in Taurus
May 17th 11:13pm CDT

Plant those seeds of self-worth and grounded, embodied beauty-making now. This New Moon precedes the Moon’s and the Sun’s oppositions with Saturn in Sag: a face-off with questions of higher purpose.

Are you on the path of your soul’s truth? Are you honoring this one holy life of yours with gratitude? Are you stopping and smelling those flowers?

To quote the “Bible”:
“Simple presence is the food that energizes all life”
(from an Aramaic re-translation of Jesus’s words by Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz from John: “I am the bread of life”)

Mercury is standing still in Gemini with this New Moon, preparing for three weeks of retrograde motion. You’re going to be bumping into some creatures from times gone by. How would you like to connect with them this time around?

Golden opportunities to revise your approaches to communications and (higher) knowledge will be cropping up in this window. As Mercury is square to Neptune in Pisces, some non-rational approaches are called for.

Infuse this beautiful doorway with the magic of simple presence. Decide now to let go of your need to “know the truth,” and understand that the (incomprehensible) Mystery is always speaking in new tongues to those who have ears to hear.

Happy New Moonings!