A brief preview of September

September 1, 2017

September promises to bring some potent waves of (deeply productive) revolutionary unrest.

The Sun spends most of September in Virgo (entering Libra 9/22). Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury, planet of communications, short journeys, and practical efficiency. Virgo is the sign in our charts that helps us to get our ducks in a row, organize our schedules, create more effective habits, and tidy things up. This month promises to bring some challenges to these departments for all of us, and the central key that we’re asked to grasp (while simultaneously upping our efficiency game) goes something like this: “Whatever reality models you’ve built, know that they’re all temporary. The keys to deeper visions of truth are inside, but they’re not to be found in your rational mind. Reality isn’t what you think it is.”

The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all spend most of the month in rational detail-oriented Virgo, and all complete disruptive oppositions with that god of illusion (and/or enlightenment), Neptune in Pisces (on the 5th, 19th ,24th , and 30th respectively). Neptune is a doorway to the unconscious (where the consciousness patterns and beliefs that are running various shows in our collective play, but not so consciously). Boundaries dissolve when the volume’s cranked up on Neptune, and familiar rules of time and space break down. Invest some time in developing your psychic faculties and tuning your trans-rational spiritual heart this month. The jokes the gods play this month can help to shine some light on deeper treasures you’ve got buried.

Mercury’s retrograde period will be ending during our Full Moon in Pisces on the 5th, but the trickster’s disruptive and feather-ruffling influences are going to be strong all month (the worry-inspiring side of it will be particularly strong through the 17th, as Mercury and Mars make a ridiculously extended conjunction). Releasing comfortable (and misery-perpetuating) habit patterns is the heart of the assignment.

The Sun enters solidarity-generating Libra, on the 22nd, turning our collective attention to the final pass of an opposition between myth-making Jupiter in connection-oriented Libra and rebellious Uranus in “my way or the highway” Aries. This aspect speaks of a culmination regarding revolutionary calls for a better world that got started right around the time of the Arab Spring in 2010 (remember Occupy Wall Street, and all kinds of other uprisings all over the place?) What does “Power to the People” look like in your best possible reality model? Maybe there are some more interesting alternatives to the Civil War reboot that seems to be getting rolling here…

The times are getting weirder, one way or the other. Please take some time to make that weirder more beautiful, uplifting, and humorous. The screenplay of our collective is really ready for a little more inspired magic, and the time is ripe.






Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

August 7, 2017


Full Moon (Eclipse!) in Aquarius
August 7th, 1:11 pm CDT   15Aqu25

Full Moons are opportunities to give thanks for the truths that are coming to light, and to let go of illusions we’ve clung to that are no longer serving.

This Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is asking us to release programs of social engagement that are no longer effective. What expectations of friends and relatives are you not living up to (and/or too controlled by)? What validation for your opinions are you not receiving? Have you established a confident original identity in the social orders you’re involved with?

There’s a lot of tension in this Full Moon, as Mars is (still) conjunct with the Sun and opposite to the Moon. Confrontations with critics within and without are being catalyzed, and we get to decide what battles are worth fighting. Take a look at some stories from the past in which you were bullied or excluded (or bullied and excluded others). What opinions of others (that aren’t helping you to shine) are you still buying into? Choose now to forgive and release the stories of social inclusion/exclusion that aren’t helping you to be a confident steward of your self-concept.

Speaking of self-concept, one image that has been coming up with this Eclipse is a cracked mirror…

Mercury in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces, and will be going retrograde on the 12th, just shy of completing that opposition. Neptune is the planet who helps us to transcend illusions of the separate self, while Mercury in Virgo is a detail-oriented task master who wants to get things packaged up, planned out, and executed with exacting perfection. This opposition conjures a bit of a conundrum, as there’s a loud demand to “get things right,” but it’s coupled with an energy that transcends concepts of order, time, and self. Reality isn’t what you think it is. Open up to more beautiful visions of what might be possible, and get to work without the need for rigid agendas or clear goals. Maybe your ideas of who you are are just cages to emerge from…

Aquarius is the sign of the internet and social media. Decide now to release any aspects of online engagement that are keeping you from fully living. Is the character you play on Facebook or Instagram helping or hindering your life’s work? Is social media helping you to connect and engage effectively with co-creators, or do you find yourself avoiding life to compare and judge, or getting too wrapped up in the worries of the world? This Eclipse is an opportunity to ditch the stuff that’s unhealthy about your uses of social media.

This Full Moon is offering a few invitations to get your fixed opinions out of the way. The image that’s been arising again and again is of a person being peeled like an ear of corn, exposing more of the soul’s radiance. Admit that you don’t know the whole story and never will (with your head anyway). Release the spinning rusty gears of those concept machines, and awaken to more participation with Life.

Saleem Adam Wolter

Ready for some help with your peelings and emergings? Send a line, and light up your life.


Capricorn Full Moon

July 8, 2017


Full Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, July 8th, 11:07 pm  17Cap09

Full Moons are the time each month when big gifts and big lessons come to light, and we’re offered a chance to celebrate all we’ve been given and to give away all we no longer need. This Full Moon promises to unveil some deep soul gifts, but is likely to feel (and maybe look) a bit ominous and/or uncomfortable, as she’s aligned with that power-hungry/shadow-facing/mortal-illusion-sabotaging lord of the underworld, Pluto.

Capricorn is the sign of worldly achievement; that place in our charts where we learn how to set our emotions to the side, and do what it takes to accomplish our goals. The ever-changing emotional Moon doesn’t have so much fun in this sign of getting down to business. This Full Moon asks us to recommit to the goals that matter, and to ditch the small stuff that’s keeping us from doing the work we care about.

The last couple weeks have brought some dramatic intensity to many plates, as motivational Mars in emotionally needy Cancer opposed Pluto in controlling Capricorn (exact on the 2nd). This opposition has been inspiring crackpot needs for control, fears around not having “what it takes,” and insecure programs of manipulation all over the place. What unmet needs have you been overly focused on? What dramatic and demanding parts of you (and your loved ones) need more compassion and forgiveness?

This Full Moon brings a culmination to (and potentially big breakthroughs regarding) these powerful primal energies that started the month. Decisions about balancing needs and energy demands at home and in the workplace are loaded. Check your ego at the door, nurture the “family” lineages you’re part of, and thank and release the major successes and failures of the last two years (since the last conjunction of Sun and Mars).

This Moon wants to help you to release outworn allegiances to external power structures that are sucking your soul. What external support do you think you need to be fully yourself? Do you need a better degree? More financial security? A better reputation?

These things are all fine and well to cultivate, but if they’re keeping you from engaging with your creative abilities, they’re just excuses. Your ideas of who you are and what you’re capable of are ideas, not reality. With this Moon, decide to uproot any self-concepts that prevent you from being a responsible steward of the gifts you’re here to share.

Talkative Mercury in Leo sextile to social Venus in Gemini (not to mention optimistic Jupiter in connection-oriented Libra square to the axis of this Moon) is adding some sparks of creative extroverted playfulness to this Full Moon, to help us process the challenging visions that are apt to arise. Reach out to those trusted allies who are gifted with a sense of humor, and explore the dramas of your lives (and our crazy/scary/beautiful world) together with curiosity.

The New Moon that’s coming up on July 23rd in the 1st degree of Leo is a crazy magical and powerful one. Our current Full Moon’s “intentions” seems to be centered around clearing the decks of outdated power models to receive the spark of that wildly creative event two weeks from now. Attachments to agendas, identities, and outcomes are being shaken to their foundations, but sprouts of ineffable beauty are peeking through the cracks.

Some scary things are happening in a few places, but big magic is growing in our world. Decide with this Full Moon to make more space for daring wonder to sprout.

Blessings to you
Saleem Adam Wolter

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Gemini New Moon

May 25, 2017


New Moon in Gemini
Thursday, May 25th, 2:44 pm CDT 4Gem46

Gemini is the sign of innocence and curiosity, who likes to follow many brief, entertaining fireflies in many different directions. This New Moon is a wonderful time to wish for more playful intelligence and friendly energies of light-hearted connection to light up your life.

It is, however, also an important time to say no to the distractions that keep you from following through with the projects and people you care about (and also the important obligations you’re not necessarily so fond of…)

Mercury (the quick-witted ruler of Gemini) is in patient, grounded Taurus for this event, aspecting Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius, who are approaching a not-necessarily-so-playful opposition (exact ~2 am on Monday)

This opposition between the planet of desire and willpower (Mars) and the planet of restrictions and responsibilities (Saturn) is conjuring some uncomfortably creative confrontations.

Tough decisions are on the plate now. Where do you need to clearly say no? Where do you need to say yes, and get off your butt and invest? Where do you need to draw the line regarding professional and financial responsibilities? What ages-old interpersonal conflicts or regrets would you like to have resolved or released? How does your schedule jibe with your stated intentions?…

Make some wishes with this New Moon that will help you to enjoy more spontaneous and playful flow in your life, but also make some that will help you to focus on your full potential, and not let energies of distraction dilute your commitments to goals and loved ones you care about.

This New Moon is conjunct with Ceres, the dwarf planet (formerly “asteroid”- she makes up 1/3 the mass of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter (!), with a 4.6-yr orbit) who is a steward of Divine Feminine remembering, and Mother Earth magic.

The energies of “the mind” have been taken a little too literally for a little too long. Thoughts aren’t things, and your opinions aren’t possessions.  This New Moon conjunct with Ceres is inviting a “right-brained” revolution. The children are remembering, and the fearful headlines are losing their power over our people. Spread the good news this moonth.

Blessings to you in these curious times,


Scorpio Full Moon

May 10, 2017

Scorp Moon

Full Moon in Scorpio
May 10th, 4:42 pm  20Sco24

Sabian Symbol for this degree:

Keynote: A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society.            -Dane Rudhyar

This Full Moon in Scorpio is a very significant turning point, inside and out.

Deeply embedded consciousness programs we’re not so fond of are coming up loudly now. This Moon is a gateway to recognize some deep-seated patterns, and decide to change them.

Mars (Scorpio’s ruler) in Gemini is in a long (5/3 – 5/22) semi-square with Mercury, and is currently also semi-square to Uranus, and square to Neptune:

This chart pattern describes some of the crazies that many are experiencing now:
-An extension of Mercury-retrogradeness, with glitches in the technology and plan-making departments, and reactive miscommunications borne of misunderstandings.
-Troubles with ADHD, insomnia, and restless ego syndrome (jealousy and blame)
-Onslaughts of divisive critical mind energies all over the place

With this Moon, declare your independence from the dictators in your head. Say no to the bullies who keep you waiting at whatever gate in fear of what lies beyond. Bid adieu to energies that keep you playing small, downplaying the worth of the part you play in this life. Commit to seeing more of the soul truth this life is showing you, and what you came here to transform (even though some of it isn’t comfortable whatsoever).

This Moon is in close, harmonious aspects with Pluto (Scorpio’s other ruler), indicating smooth movements with the releasing magic we initiate now.

Scorpio is the sign of powerful secrets. This Moon is catalyzing spills of a lot of powerful beans. The axis of this Moon is right at the midpoint of Jupiter and Saturn, indicating a very significant shift for the collective (and our president’s impeachment time seems like it might be here already!)

Use the magic gate of this Moon to dethrone the tyrants within and without. Choose to release any defensive ego programs that keeps you from sharing your worth with this world.



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Taurus New Moon

April 26, 2017


New Moon in Taurus
April 26th, 7:16 am CDT   6Tau27

“Patience, young grasshopper”

This New Moon in grounded, stable Taurus asks us to experience more joy in the processes of this embodied adventure. Simple presence is a nutrient that can help us to understand the multitudinous blessings of each moment. Gratitude is a fuel that we can generate (whatever our circumstances), and in response, life will show us more reasons to create more of it.

Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is currently shining bright as our morning star in the very last degree of the zodiac at 29 Pisces, preparing for her rebirth into a new cycle, and illuminating new revelations of Divine Feminine understanding in our world. This will be Venus’s third time across that highly charged 0 Aries point in recent months (2/3, 4/2, 4/28). She did this back-and-forth dance once before in our lifetimes, in roughly the same window in 2009. Before that, she hasn’t done this since 1806… The last time Venus retrograded across this same exact zone she’s in now was in 1766, a year that catalyzed the American Revolution (see The Stamp Act Repealed).

So, infusions of Divine Feminine wisdom from on high (rather, from deep within) are bringing power back to the people, and all we need to do is focus on presence, patience, and gratitude in the process.

These are beautiful assignments, but may be easier said than done at the moment.

Mercury is retrograde in impulsive Aries (Mars’s sign) conjunct with electrical Uranus, and Mars in mental Gemini (Mercury’s sign) is at the charged midpoint of connection-inspiring Jupiter in Libra and shadow-power-facing Pluto in Capricorn.

The energies of this chart pattern are conjuring up confrontations with the diseases of the modern mind: Critical thinking that goes too far, impeding holistic awareness; Demands for immediate results; Self-righteous indignation that divides; Challenges with attention and focused intention…

The myth of “The Hero’s Journey” is overdue for a rewrite (article) See what the book of life reveals over the next couple weeks.

This New Moon day is an especially important time to set some intentions around staying grounded in the present moment, as Mercury’s jumpy conjunction with Uranus is going to last through the middle of May! Symptoms of insomnia and ADHD (not to mention technical glitches galore) are likely to surface in many lives. Bring out all the secret weapons in your peace-inspiring holistic arsenal, as you might need them to weather this worry-fraught storm.

On the positive side, lightning flashes of insight are going to be touching down in lives all over the globe. This aspect is a pressure cooker, and many camel’s backs will be breaking in order to make room for new approaches. Revolutionary downloads are available. Meditation is the key.  Patience with the process!

May peace prevail on Earth (eventually),


Full Moon in Libra

April 11, 2017

This Full Moon is shining light on a very confusing time on planet earth. Our Cardinal T-square’s fuse has been lit, and existential crises are in full swing in many departments. Remember: Breakdowns and breakthroughs are always part of the same pie. This is not supposed to be a comfortable process.

This Moon’s alignment with Jupiter in Libra is asking us to ditch the small stuff, get our stubborn opinions out of the way, release our needs for external approval, and to bravely reach out and connect with more of the allies, teachers, and lessons we came here to play with (some restrictions may apply…)

This Moon is goading us to get out of our familiar comfort zones, but a very strong pull in another direction is also present: Venus (ruler of Libra) is retrograde in sensitive Pisces, and square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Pits of self-doubt, eruptions of grief about stuff from the past, and patterns of isolation and escapism are likely to visit many paths.

This drawn-out aspect (strong for all of April) is also catalyzing disturbing revelations about the power that we’ve given to the symbol of the dollar, and just how much sway the entity of greed is claiming in our world (think oil cartels vs. the value of human life and dignity).

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus (Venus’s other sign), and we’re being asked to go inside to flesh out and reprogram those places where we have trouble valuing ourselves (and consequently others). Find the proof in your pudding that isn’t out there, but in here.

Blessings to you on this strange journey,


Big Brief Thoughts on this Vernal Equinox

March 20, 2017


Vernal Equinox 2017
March 20th, 5:29 am CDT

Welcome to the astrological new year!

The Sun’s move into Aries brings an infusion of swift-moving creative energies. The cosmos asks us to come out of our closets, get into our bodies, and join the celebration of new life that’s rising up from the earth.

The chart of this equinox is indeed full of life force (Sun, Moon, and five planets in fire signs), but the usual inspiration that comes with this event seems to have a bit of a frantic and potentially frustrating character to it…

Our (almost) Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct with Saturn (and the center of our galaxy), and square to the Sun in Aries

The Sun and Moon both in fire signs bring a refreshing dose of daring extroversion and over-confident optimism, but the participation of Saturn and the Galactic Center in this event seem to hint at something else that’s happening here…

Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius over the past couple years has been  conjuring stories of crackpot nationalism, racism, and xenophobia. Sagittarius likes to bridge cultural and religious divides, but Saturn likes to rein in and control things. “Us and them” is always a curse, and it’s time to break these trances.

The message of this configuration seems to go something like this:

The spirit of the Wild West has possessed your souls, dear citizens, and it’s time for an exorcism. The specter of fascism’s rise is not a cosmic joke, it’s just being spelled out this clearly for you to understand that it’s time to come together and get to work immediately. You came here with an original part to play, and the role of uncomfortable spectator and/or slave laborer doesn’t suit you.

You are here to become a channel for the creative wisdom that animates all worlds (even if this language pushes some buttons for you:) Your voice, your thoughts, your feelings- they matter. You are in relationship with all beings. Do good things with those relationships.

The Divine Feminine remembering that’s happening is about CONNECTION. You’ll find more clues about where your true “power” lies when you use that magic medicine.

Let any “New Year”s decisions you make at this time get you out of your comfort zone and into co-creative action. Cosmic guidance is available, and operators are standing by.

Blessings to you,

P.S. More on Venus’s Rx adventure soon… so much magic meeting me on the path in this crazy time!…


Virgo Full Moon

March 11, 2017


Full Moon in Virgo
March 12th, 9:54 am CDT   22Vir13

The seeds of this Moon were planted with our Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th, which was lined right up with empathic Neptune. An infusion of psychic receptivity is flooding our world, and many are feeling overwhelmed by all of the feelings these intense times are conjuring.

This Full Moon is asking us to give thanks for all of our complex feelings, and to decide what limiting beliefs and behaviors we need to eliminate in order to show up more fully for the beautiful work we came here to do.

Virgo is a sign of practical, step-by-step action, and this Moon is likely to remind us of way too many things that we “should be” working on. This Full Moon is forming a Mutable T-Square to old man Saturn in Sagittarius, and places where we judge ourselves to be out of integrity (especially regarding actions gone by) are asking for attention now.

Venus is retrograde in Aries (in the zone 1/30-5/18), and it’s a good time to send out peaceful lines to creatures you still need to forgive or apologize to, and also to rekindle connections with allies you haven’t played with in too long. Encounters with ex lovers are likely. Don’t pour lemon juice into old wounds, and careful to not get tangled up in something that doesn’t work.

The Sun is conjunct with Chiron and Mercury in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s (ruler of Virgo) Detriment and Fall. The messenger can get a little confused by too many messages going in too many subjective directions at once when she’s swimming in the murky depths of Pisces.

The Sun’s conjunction with Chiron is highlighting those stories from our lives in which we’ve played the victim. Take a stroll down memory lane, and visit those times when you felt abandoned and left out in the cold alone. Send a compassionate call to those parts of you that are still hiding in a corner somewhere, and let them know it’s safe to come out. You are on the planet now for a very good reason, and all of you is welcome here. (Remind thy neighbor that this is true for them as well)

This Full Moon might be a good time to take a little healing sabbatical if you’re feeling way too overwhelmed, but if you suffer from the modern disease of screen-centered hermitdom, this could be a productive time for a little conversation with those feelings and thoughts that keep you isolated and “safe.”

What are you feeling overwhelmed by now? What’s one simple, significant, and symbolic action you could take to get your feet more firmly on the ground and ready for action? It’s a great time to set some spring cleaning goals, or to eliminate something from your diet that’s not helping you (keep it clear and minimal). Question your habits, and see what has outlived its usefulness.

Our world-shaking Cardinal T-Square involving Jupiter in Libra, Uranus and Eris in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn is pretty tight now, and the volume is up on crazy, fast-paced changes everywhere. The renewed threat of nuclear conflict rises, Wall Street continues to climb, and our new administration is showing more of its disgustingly pro-1% colors. All of this button-pushing big picture B.S. is a cattle prod that’s encouraging each of us to choose anew in each moment: Love or Fear.

A wave of loving human solidarity and Divine Feminine awakening (in all beings, not just the sisters) is rising. Mars has entered Taurus (our only planet currently in a patient, dedicated Fixed sign), and many beings who’ve recently felt frustrated by anxiety, anger, and muscular tension will be finding their next effective healing steps in doing their part for our future beautifully mapped out in front of them.

This Moon’s energies might not be so comfortable, but these energies are clearing away the old fuddy duddy judgy vibrations that are keeping humanity so divided, and opening many hearts to the magic of a deeper compassion that is being unearthed.

Blessed releasings and unveilings to you dear soul,


Solar Eclipse in Pisces

February 25, 2017


New Moon (Eclipse!) in Pisces

Feb 26th, 8:58 am CST



This eclipse is sounding a clarion call for those with ears to hear:

Sweep clean your hearth, and invite the fire of divine inspiration to grow.    

This last eclipse on the Virgo-Pisces axis (’til 2024) is offering up some “punchlines” to the major lessons of the last couple years  (our eclipses here got started in the spring of 2015), and is an opportunity to awaken to clearer guidance from within.

These are very strange times we’re navigating. The images on the screen are getting weirder and weirder, and it can be overwhelming to sculpt an effective, conscientiously involved action plan.

The Sun, Moon, Neptune, and the South Node are conjunct in Pisces 

In Pisces, the last sign of our zodiac, things are rarely what they seem. External circumstances and internal experiences don’t quite line up. Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces) brings transcendent gifts  of universal love, unconditional compassion, and felt-sense communion with the Divine. Conversely (and often simultaneously), the shadows of victimhood, rejection, addiction, escapism, and deception come bubbling up to burst our tender magical bubbles.

This eclipse is aligned with the South Node of the Moon (gifts… and baggage from long ago), and although New Moons are times to plant new seeds, this one is asking us to replant some old seeds of divine remembrance.

The reality model that is hoisted upon us today is a grossly secularized one. The myth that science killed the gods (excusing them as aspects of the unconscious mind) is killing us all. Church attendance has been declining steadily for decades, and religion is viewed by many as simply an archaic excuse to avoid reality and empower bigotry.

We are spiritual beings on a soul journey, here with lessons to learn and gifts to share. Maybe we don’t need to resurrect the church, but it’s past time for a spiritual renaissance, and this New Moon is a good time to throw some logs on that fire.

Mars is conjunct with Uranus in Aries, opposite to Jupiter in Libra

This very tight alignment is a revolutionary powder keg.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and this eclipse is highlighting its influence. Jupiter helps us to weave meaningful stories about these lives, to step back and get grateful about the larger lessons and initiations we’re receiving on these journeys. Libra is the sign of diplomatic connection, and learning to love our neighbors. Jupiter is now calling out a familiar chant with renewed passion: “The people, united, will never be defeated!”

The energies of Mars and Uranus in Aries are being illustrated, on one hand, by a certain orange-hued demagogue who seems to be doing his best to get a civil war started, and on the other hand, by a revolutionary spirit of direct, life-empowering action that is on the rise.

Some very unpredictable and dangerous energies are present in this opposition, so please be extra careful (and courteous) on the road. Tempers are liable to flare up out of nowhere as feelings that have been stuffed down for too long get triggered. Peace doesn’t happen all by itself – be it all over the place.

Set some intentions with this New Moon to generate waves of radical acceptance and healing for those parts of yourself and your personal history that you’re not so fond of (Pisces shows us that there are some icky stickies inside of everybody, and that when they’re stuffed down, they fester). Choose to initiate revolutionary connections galore this month, get out of your comfort zone, and join hands with teammates you maybe haven’t met yet (at least in this lifetime).

Blessed eclipsings to you,


P.S. Pay attention to those dreams, and the poignant symbols that greet you on the path- there’s magic in them thar visions.

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